her name is charlotte and she turned 90 this year. i have always been close to her she is my moms sister. she met her husband while in nurses training in the 1940s. he was a doctor at boston city hospital completeing his residency. they met and married within two months. and they moved to the midwest where they raised their four children. she and my mom were letter writers, they wrote to each other faithfully my whole life and my aunt drove to new england at least once a year to visit my mom. after my uncle died in 1980 she moved out here to be near my mom. she and i have always joked that she gave birth to me instead of my mom as we have so much in common, we love the water, my mom cant swim. we love to travel, my mom would stay home forever..the list goes on and on... as children they were very poor and when the rent was due they would just move. so they lived in many many places around our home town. so today i left my girls with my mom and my aunt and i went on our "looney bus ride", this is what we call it when we drive around town and look at all the places they lived as kids. my aunt gave me her car as she decided earlier this year she was done driving, so she really does think that the car is hers but says i look so much better driving it than her. anyways i picked her up at her old age place, she practically ran out the door, dressed ina hot pink blouse and searsucker pink plaid was so freakin cute i couldnt stand it, she folded her walker up and buckled in for an afternoon ride.....she told so many stories of each house she lived in, i have heard these stories my whole life but my fondest memories are being a little girl in the back seat with my dad driving and my mom and aunt in the front seat, bench seats in those days....they would laugh and i would fall asleep long before we got home.....but not today, i drove where ever she wanted to go, i knew she wanted to go to the cemetary to visit her parents and my dad.....i HATE the cemetary, creeps me out.....she is very sharp for 90 and so full of life......i know my time wth her is coming to a close and i only hope that when i am 90 i have as much life as her but for now i will fall asleep knowing i made her day and that she is so happy.........this will keep her going for days......
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
Jul 22, 2010