Holy Moses

This happened when I was 16 and It was on a church camping trip in West Virginia. Well I wanted to be part of the church not so much for god but for this girl I really liked in my youth group. Well she was going to West Virginia so I figured i'd make my move there. So btw her name is Amaris and she was kind of a ****, she had really big boobs and was super hot. So we got there and in the van ride there she slept on me and we like cuddled for like 7 hours. Then the first night I was taking a pee and she snuck up behiend me and scared me. She didn't know I was peeing though so she like apologized and ran back to her tent. The next day we were together just me and her and It was sunset and we were like so far away from camp and it happened we kissed. We started to like really make out and I was like feeling her up and stuff. Then she said stand up and I did of course. She started to unbutton my jeans and pull them down. The next thing I hear is 'HOLY MOSES' you have the ittiest bittiest littest pepe i've ever seen. I quickly said what do you mean I was kinda confused and she said your penis its so small my little six year old cousins is bigger and he was soft. I looked down at my throbbing penis and back at her. Well she kept talking to me with my penis in her mouth and kept saying how she amazed she was about how small it was. Then I finally came and she laughed now and said even your load is itty bitty. At prayers the next day she looked at me and said I pray god can you please help people grow where they need to they really need it.
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Love a good spiritual story.


nice story isnt it so hot to have them find out?