My Sister Inlaw

I've never really seen eye to eye with my younger brothers wife. but recently my youngest brother announced his engagement. so as you can imagine it was drinking time. the lads went one way the girls the other. well my younger brother made his excuses after the 2nd or 3rd pub and went home. and after a few more hours i decided id had enough too. so i called my wife to find out where she was. which wasn't far, just a short walk away. so i went and met her and my younger brothers wifes there almost as drunk as me. so i told her my brother had gone home hours ago so id walk her back as she only lives the other side of the park from my home. well the three of us walk back to mine and u drop the wife off then set off to take my sister inlaw home. we're barely half way thru the park before we start arguing. i can't even remember what was said or how it happened. but the next thing i know is we're kissing and iim buried deep in her
g3inked g3inked
31-35, M
Dec 16, 2012