I Caught A Few Glimpses Of My Mom

I have always thought my mom was a wonderful woman. As I got older, I started fantasizing about having sex with her. I felt bad about having these thoughts, but could never get them out of my head.

We lived alone for my teenage years, and spent some time in a trailer as she got back on her feet after her divorce from my stepdad. In the trailer, her bedroom did not have a door, so she used a sheet to cover it.

I sometimes would fantasize about walking through one day after her shower and that she ould be willing as I started taking advantage of her freshly washed, naked body.

On some occasions, I was able to catch glimpse of her small breasts either through a small crack in the curtain or reflection in a picture. I would then spend the night ************ to the image.

Her breasts are not large, have a little sag to them, but beautiful. She has a small, tight, round *** that I saw a few times during my spying, and I always dreamed of taking it into my hands.

There was one time that we were giving the dog a bath, and she was wearing some pajama shorts and a t-shirt. She asked me to grab the dog shampoo, and when I was handing it to her, I realized that I could see up her short leg. I was granted a poor view, but what I did saw kept me staring and got me hard as steel. I could see the outline of her mound and stubble where she had shaved her pubic hair recently.

I sometimes still thibk back to those images in my head. I still have the fabtasies, wondering if it would ever be a reality.
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i think it's normal fantasizin about our moms...
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