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I used to peek in her window to see her ***** and **** but needed to see more and make a lasting memory. So I got one of those pencams and put it in the bathroom before she got into the shower. Waiting for her to finish and get out got me so excited. When she exited the bathroom I retrieved the pencam only to see it had turned off..oh no. It recorded enough to see her undress and get into the shower. It was incredible to see her nice firm **** and almost hairless *****. I grabbed my **** and jacked off quickly..now everytime I want to see her all I have to do is watch my vid
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id love to see your vid
perhaps we could watch each others?

share with me please. hornyvirgin15@gmail.com

i share if u want


Share vid?


my e-mail is ilovethismuch87@yahoo.com

I never got the video

Grew up with 4 sisters -so I always had plenty to spy on--saw lots of ************ and dressing/undressing etc. I even saw them when they had friends over and did alittle PLAYING.

ever take pics?

That's pretty intense. I haven't put cameras in my sisters room, but I have been watching. Even more so since I got a copy of her bedroom key.

mist this one till now, hope you don't get caught, and have lots of fun