Cruise Spy

A couple of years ago, our extended family went on a cruise to celebrate my grandparent's anniversary. I had to share a room with my younger brother, while my younger sister shared a room with my cousin.

My sister has always been attractive. She is tall, blonde, athletic type body (she played soccer for years) and a good size chest (34C). For years I had tried to glance peeks while she changed at home, but never got lucky enough to get a good look.

It was the third day on the cruise and we had a dressier dinner to attend. My sister knocked on the door about an hour before the dinner, asking to use our shower since my cousin was sleeping in their room and she didn't want to wake her. I said fine, but I had to use the restroom first:)

I set up my phone in a corner, under a bag of toiletries and was careful to turn off all chances of a random sound. I lowered the brightness of the screen all the way and aimed at what I thought would catch a great shot. I left the bathroom shaking, knowing there was a good chance she would notice my phone in there with the miniscule size of the restrooms. I waited nervously for her to finish, to see if I had hit jackpot.

Sure enough, the angle at which I had aimed prooved to be spot on. I caught a great shot of her lady parts, both before and after the shower. I use the video to get off now, and am always looking for another chance to capture.
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