Spying On My Sister

We lived in an old weather board house and where the waste pipe from the bathroom basin went through the wall did not have a good seal I was around the side of the house one night looking for the dog and saw a light coming from the wall I was curious and went over to investigate and found I could see into the bathroom and it so happend that my little sister who was 12 and I was 15 at the time,  was getting undressed and I could not take my eyes of what was happening,    I was hoping that I would finaly get to see what I had fanticised about and imagined while jacking off to underwear adverts and magazines. I had only caught brief glimpses of my sisters little **** and little peeks of naked flesh under her skirts when her knickers pulled aside slightly while we played, but now I was going to see it all. My **** had already started to stiffen in anticipation of the show and I took it out and began to stroke it slowly as I watched her remove her shoes and socks flashing her white cotton tails as she did,  then she let her skirt drop to the floor and I was willing her to turn and face toward me she then removed her top showing her singlet top, she did not wear a bra at this time, and I could just see the point as her nipple pushed againt the material atop of the mound of her breast about the size of a tennis ball.    By this time my **** was fully errrect and I was squeezing it and stroking my balls.   then she pulled of her singlet top as she turned to face the small mirror and was now fully exposed to me I took in a sharpe breath as I ogled those tiny perfect tennis sized **** and their errect nipples as she rubbed and cupped each one looking at them in the mirror,  I was franticly squezzing my **** as I watched and hoped she would remove her knickers just then I was rewarded as her hands went to the waist band of her knickers and I held my breath as she pushed temn down her hips to expose the most beautiful site I had ever seen as her ***** was nearly completely hairless it was covered with very faint hair around the top of her mound which bulged and was split with puffy pink lips her little **** was only slightly visible but then she spread her legs slightly and her ***** opend to reveal the moisture covering her inner lips which she ran her fingers between while looking in the mirror it took me only a few more strokes before I cam I felt so feint it took a few moments to recover my senses and by then my sister had climbed into the bath.  I began to regularly peek on my sister and continued to jack off while watching.

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Really nice story,and thanks for sharing!

your welcome

Loved the story brought back memories, damn those wefe the good old days.

memories are great even better when shared (wink)

thnx for sharing u all

My sister is 4 years older. When I was in 8th grade I became hypersexual. If you see my other posts, youll see. I would sneak downstairs and watch my sister **** and blow her boyfriends on the back porch. I could kneel on the floor in front of the french doors and she couldnt see in because of the glare. I must of watched her 100 times. I also learned that year to suck my own ****. I did it every morning and every day after school. She caught me with her boyfriend one time. He called me names, she said 'good for you, now I know what youre doing in there all the time" And after he left, she came in and *********** in front of me while I tried to suck myself. It was hard to concentrate I was little freaked that her boyfriend saw me. It happend once. That was in 1982. Last year on family vacation I was drunk and asked her if she remembered. She said nothing. I jacked off watching her at the pool.

damn that is hard to do but must have been very enjoyable being able to choose to jerk off or suck off

I spy on my sister a lot. I'm 14 and shes 11, and before she wakes up, I put her iPod in her room with it recording, and watch her change. It feels perverted, but I like it so much.

lucky boy you get you get to keep your memories

I definitely did and nearly every night when I spied on her and after writing the story to

i used to watch my sis and the whole family while they bathed loved that old house nail holes all over the walls and my room was the one next too the bath room so my closet was the place to be as a young boy and old boy too man i saw my sis doing her self with hair brushes and all kinds of stuff mom did dad all the time in the shower and even saw her do his brother one night during a party they were having dad was a master ***** man he did mom the baby sitter and my sistwers friend loved to watch him work

Thanks for the comment. As I have said, I've been trying to get the key to her room And make a copy of it for myself. If I am able to get it copied I will keep this forum updated on what goes on behind her closed doors. Providing the forum is interested in hearing more. The hard part is getting it as I have been trying now for almost three weeks.

wow, thanks for sharing that was exciting

Sounds like one hell of an experince man. I have had similliar experinces recently and after going through the experince I was curious to know if anyone else had any similliar stories. I am glad to know I am not alone in this.<br />
. My sister is 16 years old, (I'm 18), About two weeks ago, While she was working I saw she left the door to her room unlocked, which to me was defiently a first as she's rather paranoid. So, for some strange reason I decided to wander in and look around. There wasn't a whole lot to see in there, it was fairly clean and tidy, but I did find her Diary and I also found her marijuna stash. After reading through her diary a little bit, I heard the front door open and heard her enter. I had never felt as much surprise and panic as I did that day as she wasn't supposed to be home for another few hours and NEVER got off work early. Since I wasn't going to barge out of the room and let her know what I was up to, I turned off the lights and locked the door and hid in the closet. After awhile She came up talking on the phone with a friend. Cutting a long story short as she spoke with her friend for literally an hour, she hung up and the phone, and, I guess thinking she was alone in the house, took off her jeans and panties, and started ************. I figured she did do it, but this was the first time I'd ever seen her go at herself. As her bed was right infront of the Closet I was hiding in, I had a perfect view. Her **** was shaved, with only little hair. on it and she did have nice legs. I wasn't able to see her **** as she left her shirt and hoodie on but it was still quite a show. After fingering herself for awhile she rolled over on her stomach and started humping her pillow. I wanted to start ******* off right then and there but couldn't. Or she might have busted me. After she finished she got up and left the room to shower. I got the hell out of their while she did. Since then, I've been trying to get the key to her room so I can make a copy, but no luck.

Great. I too had a similar experience. My sis , big made, was about 13 and I ,15. She was to have a bath and I was peeping. Even at that young age she a georgeous bush and large ****. She started fingering herself and what a heavenly show it was! After that I tried to watch regularly but she caught on and I didn't have all the same chances.<br />
She had once seen me shagging off and told my cousin- who conveyed it to me!

Damn thats a horny story. Had no sisters when i was young such a shame

I watched my sister for the first time when we were in Colorado. Since there was no shower inside, we had to take them out in the barn. Anyways, she had jumped in the barn to take a shower while I was out back. I noticed that there was a slight hole in the barn and wondered was the noise inside the barn was. Although it was dark, I could see everything. She had just taken her shirt off and started the cold shower. She slowly took off her bra as if she knew I was there and was "teasing" me. When she took off her bra, her C cups had been exposed, with her tiny peach colored nipples. I quickly left, being the saint I "was." When we got home, she had taken another shower. I was outside, collecting rocks. I climbed up on the gas conduit and saw that there was an open window. I had quicky saw threw it through out the next few weeks. =)

I used to watch my sisters taking a bath and how their breast grew over the years.