Watches Wife Having Sex

This happened several years ago. My wife was a stay at home mom at the time. the kids were in school and I was at work. She usually sits around the house in her night gown until noon or so. My wife is a bbw . I have left for work at the normal time and was working like a good little worker. There was an emergency at work so the building was evacuated ( has leak) and we all were sent home early. this was about 10:00 am. I usually come in the front but came in the side door on this particular day. I didn't make any noise coming in the side door. As i was about to yell that I was home, I heard people talking upstairs. Thinking it was the tv or radio, I quietly went up stairs to the third floor to listen closer. i heard mens voices talking and the wife laughing. I could hear one of the guys say: come on, lets see those big ****. My wife replied , only if you guys show me your *****. One said, I think we can manage that... said one of them... Hows that, one wife replied oh thats a beautiful **** you have, let me suck you. I guess she started sucking his **** and the other guy said, how about me...
the wife replied sure, let see what you have. . Oh yeah... you are so big and hard... stick your **** in my ***** while I suck your friend.
I could hear her moan and in between sucking she wouls say... thats right, ram that **** deep and hard inside me....oh, **** me harder.
By this time, about twenty minuets had elasped. i made my way into the other bedroom to spy on them. I saw her in the doggy postition getting ****** while her right hand was stroking the other **** while it was in her mouth. this went on for a few more minutes before the **** in her mouth exploded.She pulled his **** out and must have dribbled his *** on her hand and she told him to shoot the rest in her mouth.He must have shot a big load cuz she was moaning and pulled his **** out and told him that was the best tasting and biggest load she had ever swallowed. She told the other guy to stop ******* her and told him she wanted his load in her also... she told him to stand in front of her while she sucked him off. I had left the room and snuck back down while they were still upstairs. I went out side and rang the door bell. Several minutes later, she had answered the door and asked i a suprised tone what I was doing home early.I told her about the incident at work and had the rest of the day off. her reply was Oh . The other guys were still upstairs and I started to walk up the steps and she quickly asked me to run to the store for some stuff before I did anything else. I figuredwhat the hell, I left, drove to the end of the road and noticed two guys leave my house and get into a car that was parked just up from my house. i did return with what she wanted and to this day, she never mentioned it and neither have I... I have seen these guys parked ay my place on different occassions when I was to be at work, but figured since she like the **** sucking and *******, let her have her fun...
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May 6, 2012