I'm A Spiritualist

I know when I say that it scares off a lot of people. Hence why I only tell select people of like-minded nature.

I saw 'dead' people when I was 8/9 years old and I told my parents. Luckily for me I had a very understanding Aunt who was also a spiritualist and she took me with her to her local open circle when I was 10yr old.  I thought it boring at the time. Stuck in some old woman's house with this old bloke sat in corner playing hand organ whilst everyone else just ignored him. Little did I know that I was watching the 'old woman's' dead husband.  Well, long story short, this old woman, after she asked me who I'd been watching all night and after I'd told her this old guy kept playing piano on his knee and laughing; well it were her hubby.  So from that day on, my Aunt and that old woman said to me: you need to develop this gift as it will play an important role in your life.

I got on with my life (as you do) didn't think anything more of it.  But did still wonder why people would walk out of the walls of my bedroom and sit on end of my bed and talk to me like they'd known me for years.  I eventually got used to it. I'd tell my mates at school about the guy that sat on end of my bed at night and talked to me for ages about his bullet wound.... suffice to say I weren't exactly in the popular group at school.

Anyhoo........ after my beautiful Aunt died, I went to a local Spiritualist church. There were two excellent mediums/teachers there that saw something in me straightaway and (almost) begged me to sit with them. My first 'development' class with the two teachers involved me getting dragged out of the room because I'd hit transfiguration and I was too naive to know how to handle it.

So.  For those of you that are still read this far.  I'm not a fake.  I don't do readings for monetary gain. I don't wish to be a public figure like Derek Akora (please, don't get me started on that one!)

I have a gift that I wish to be kept private yet if I can help others than that is proof in itself for me.  

I have reduced people to tears by a single name. By a description (I can see people plain as you and I standing here) and also can video pan (this means I can ask a deceased to walk through their house and describe it for the reader).

I have a gift. And I'm blessed. 

There is a beautiful place where they are; the most important thing is when I've had communication is the over-whelming amount of pure love that comes through.  Love that doesn't involve material things. Just love for one human being to another. That is the most tear-******* emotion I feel every time I get a loved one coming through.

So for you non-believers out there? Get in touch. Because I can work through ignorance and hatred too.  

Love really does shine through.

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Yes you do indeeed truly have a gift and a gift that is for sharing. I too am a medium who serves many local churches in the U.K. and who gets a great feeling of satisfaction from helping people often just for my out of the pocket expenses. <br />
<br />
It is a great and wonderful truth that there is no death just a move from one life state into another one and it is such a pity that so many people are so scared of this idea and fail to even see the possibility of it.

I'm a spiritualist or i call myself a part time spirtiulast, i "see them" as in ill see black shadows tall and small, but if i see a detailed image it'l be in my brain and not through my eyes ie i'll look at the other end of the room lets say ill see nothing thu my eyes, but in my head ill see a spirit and it'l be as if their saying thats where they are....if that meakes sense. Please reply to this and lets start a conversation, im form the UK BTW so if you dont under stand my full lingo then i appologise (aimed at the Americans maily)

You have been given a wonderful gift,and i think it is great that you dont use it for monetry gain.there are many cold readers out there who play on peoples emotions.Thankyou for sharing your story.