Turned On By Dolcett

When I read "spit roast wife" my mind flew to the drawings and works of Dolcett, or perhaps of Muki's Kitchen, which are classified as vore or "cannibal kitchen" ****. I've always admired the drawings, and I love the idea of being used for some ultimate pleasure. And of course, being ****** while "being processed" was too hot for words!

The second time I was "spit roasted" (in the manner described by this group), I was on a boat with a distant cousin and his roommate. We'd all drunk too much and I was making out with the roommate and he pushed my head down onto his ****. My cousin came topside and commented on how wet I was, and how much I must love sucking ****. He fingered me through the fabric of my bathing suit. I was so hot that I removed it while still sucking on his roommate's ****, a maneuver that both men appreciated. They called me a willing ****, which I loved. As the fingers got rougher, I moaned and sped up working on the friend, who told my cousin to do me harder, because the ******* was improving with every nasty, violent prod of my cousin's thick, meaty fingers.

I choked when I felt his big **** enter my ***** -- I actually fell forward and took his friend into my too-young throat. The roommate started ******* immediately, pumping my face as he hollered dirty things to me, threatening me to not to take my mouth off of his ****. It turned my cousin on to see his roommate lose it inside me, and I kept trying to yell at him to not *** in me, we were related (however distantly!). I know he got the idea, but it was hard talking with a **** in my mouth.

The man in my mouth had been softening after his ******, but the thought of my getting ******* by a relative must have done it for him -- he was up and hard in my mouth again. He told me later that he'd never felt anything like he did when my throat tightened around his growing cockhead.

I remember my cousin smacking my *** and laughing at me, calling me a **** and a pigwhore, and how he'd never want to create a genetic mutation. So he did the logical thing, and stuck his **** in my *** -- I screamed and cried and slobbered on his roommate's **** as he did it, trying hard to get away from him! I actually passed out from the pain and lack of air.

They both admitted that they loved ******* my struggling, convulsing, then limp body, and how they wanted to see me turing on a spit around their dicks while they hang out and drank beers ... and people wonder why I'm into Dolcett!
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Excellent story. I sucked my cousin's *** at 22 once and was about to **** her when I became fearful my mother would walk in. I always wish I had done it.

Love a good spitroast!

michman, just one of the experiences. ;) wish i'd had even more!

Such an intense experience - and made you who you are today.

cfom, reminder of dolcett? we should all remember dolcett!

Yes we should remember him. However, my introduction was many years ago with only a few samples of his art and before I knew much about searching the net. I spent a few too many hours last night renewing my acquaintance with Dolcett.

congratulations on the renewal -- he's so much to absorb the first time. was he as mind-blowing the second time?

Oh, very min-blowing. I just reviewed my **** collection and found only one picture. I know I've seen more but not many and the one I do have is a quite tame one titled the auction. But what I saw last night was far from tame.

indeed, not tame ... well, though the women seemed never to struggle much. i love them all.

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Very sexy story.

And thanks for the reminder.

Very sick story.

andre, dolcett is mourned by the likes of me, for he stopped drawing too soon. i'm glad he left what he did, and that it's accessible, but i want more!

does the idea warm you?

andre, why do you ask? is it not obvious?? ;)

it is really hot to hear....

wow auroramaru, I really find Dolcett amazing, I am really happy you think the same...

scabow, it's hot to watch ... being the one passed out, it's hot when it happens if i become conscious, mid-act. :)

rckrob, we might ignite. ;)

well, I am willing to find out if that spark is there between, us are you? If so then let the adventure begin.

A women after my own heart the more I see the stories you like we would make a wild pair ;)

scubedo, it's part of what built what i am ... i am into choking, abuse, pain, etc. my current bf loves this about me; wonder if he'd love me if i hadn't done all this before, during, and after he came into my life? ;) don't be sad for the ****!

thanks for your take on what folks feel about sex. it's good to get different attitudes and passions in the groups.

To me it sound like a very sick disturbing man, bonvivant you "rock"!

kakdrukker, so naughty of you ;) is this something you'd thought of all along, or is it new?

hohfarm, that does sound very much like very prime wagyu, or the fatty marbled meat-fat bits that in the south are referred to as "white meat."

Wow, this made me ****.

Not white as much as deep rosy pink with yellowish creamy marbling. (impossible to describet without an surfeit of adjectives, I'm afraid)

hohfarm, i thought humans were the other white meat??? is that treyf?

It is almost 1.00am here, too late for dinner and too early for breakfast. You would surely be a splendid midnight feast but I will keep you for tomorrow's lunch. Catholics no longer refrain from meat on Fridays so you are legitimately on the menu. I hope you will come quietly when I politely invite you into my kitchen. ;)<br />
<br />
Sex and eating are combined in many subtle ways in 'vanilla' language and the name of this group is evidence of that. Someday I'll compile a list of such ex<x>pressions, maybe with your help.

philosophy makes us humaner than just plain sex and eating. combining the two -- what creature would do that? and really, to even fantasize about it is a much smaller subset of humanity, i think?<br />
<br />
private messages are always safer ... sometimes people get offended and snarky in comments. hard to believe, but it does happen.

I'm as yet unsure what level of explicitness is allowed on EP so I'll keep the more graphic desc<x>riptions of dolcettian scenarios to private messaging, Aurora. ;) I happen to know exactly what I would do with you if you were on the menu. Just so you know it would involve some bondage and some heat. And I would not forget to pay tribute to your gallant vagina by filling it to capacity with all kinds of wonderful fruits.

It is unusual for a conversation about the dolcett genre to turn to abstract topics but it's also very appropriate to what is, after all, a fantasy discussed by online people.

hohfarm, the metaphor of burning, sunrise, consuming, destruction, regeneration ... all very philosophical, and conceptually external to the body. i should have maybe said, "extra-corporeal" ... ?

I mentioned dawn because of your username of course but the phoenix metaphor is also apt as fire (such as cooking fire) is involved. <br />
<br />
What do you mean about being non-corporeal? I was under the impression that you had quite a corpus to be proud of. ;)

hohfarm, like the dawn, you make me blush! or a phoenix! but, like most dreams, i think people may find me non-corporeal. anyway, i hope you've found YOUR dawn!

Aurora, you are the universal dolcettgirl: vulnerable and immortal. Used and abused, again and again, endlessly consumed in a frenzy of lust that binds together predators and prey. You are the quintessential prey, existing only to feed the cravings of ever-hungry males. <br />
<br />
You are what men desire: a woman who needs to be taken incessantly, a toy for their pleasures. Every timethey vanquish you and every time you rise again, glowing like the dawn that is your name. <br />
<br />
You are THE fantasy aurora, you are the Dream.

She's going to cook your ***! LMAO

HOHFarm, point taken ... but unlike any one dolcett girl, i survive to feed again! though some of the times are pretty rough ...

The legend goes that the pelican sacrifices itself to feed its offspring; in your case you'd feed your lovers so there is also an erotic element involved. I've always thought that the nurturing instinct of a woman - even a dolcettgirl - makes her a bit "motherly" so that she enjoys looking after her men (in you case the plural is called for). This aspect is often neglected in the dolcett genre: the meat of a woman like you is not only succulent and tasty but very nutritious and wholesome as well. <br />
<br />
Even though the scenario is pure fantasy, the awareness that you are literally good to eat must give you satisfaction and self-confidence.

hohfarm, interesting ... do i project that? i do feed others, but it's mostly out of my skill in creating dishes they want to eat. offering myself in a more carnal matter -- well, i haven't considered that. very interesting, indeed, and thank you for bringing it up. i think what you're referring to is the mother pelican fable?

Aurora, I'm sure you're finding out that there are different forms of submission and, likewise, there are many different interpretations of the "dolcett" fantasy. I'm guessing that you would be more comfortable with the idea of giving yourself as food, out of love, so to speak. A sort of nurturing Earth Mother who nourishes her dominant lovers with her own flesh, giving them life and making them stronger through her total surrender.

hohfarm, thanks very much for enjoying this story -- at this point in my life, i didn't realize i was submissive to men. i thought all horny women are like that! now i'm thinking i need to look at some dolcett drawings -- better than conventional ****!

I must say I love a mature woman who's into this fantasy and I agree that it is not the violence but the total submission of the meat-girl that is deliciously erotic. Thanks for posting this aurora.

good point johnsonx2! also loved how all the women were gorgeous, and the men were 70's handsome or from the island of misfit men.

If it was anatomically accurate, it'd probably be the only erotic comic that was.

johnsonjohnson, i have to admit that the anatomical incorrectness sometimes bothers me, though!

The commonplace-ness and ho-hum normalcy of it all gets me going, big-time. I like your taste.

johnsonjohnson, i agree -- i am not much into the feasting and dismemberment, but the passive acceptance, and the ******* of the near-corpse and the weeping victim is lovely, as are the drawings themselves. what i would have given to look like those women!

Ah, a Dolcett fan! I love the innocent, almost deadpan but very, very erotic treatment of a subject so twisted. It's just so matter-of-fact. The feast parts don't do it for me but the calm submission certainly does. Dolcett girls are just such good girls.