Wife Spit Roasted

I dont know why ,  but damn, seeing my wife on her hands and knees  devouring a throbbing **** , balls slapping her chin  while another guy is buried in her *** or *****  both pumping away at her is so damn hot.  only thing hotter is couple more guys ******* their dicks waiting  for their turn  .  a woman letting herself get used like that is totally wanton  and  you know she is a sexual being.

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"a woman letting herself get used like that is totally wanton and you know she is a sexual being."<br />
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Or more likely a **** star. You guys need to realize that what you see in **** flicks isn't real. Its just entertainment directed mainly towards men. Most women don't want to do these types of things that you see in ****. If we did these groups wouldn't be inhabited primarily by men and y'all would be getting this stuff y'all say you want, but don't get from the women in the world.<br />
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A woman can be a truly horny, sexual being without wanting to be spit roasted, gang banged, double penetrated, swapped, shared, bukkakeed, done by big black men, facialed, creampied, ripped and torn, or all the other things you commonly see in **** or read about on here.<br />
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Also, I agree with aussigirl. You guys might want to see your wife with two guys, and she might enjoy it, but the fact that you refer to it as "spit roasting" suggests that you just view her as a piece of meat and have little respect for her sexually. Instead of using such derogatory terms why don't you use complimentary terms like "pleasure goddess" or "bliss filled sweatheart" or something like that that doesn't have such a negative, disrespectful tone to it.

I love it! It does not have to be bad or ob<x>jectifying... it is freeing and good!

Hah yeah just like that tblunster

I don't know Aussigirl. My wife tried it recently and absolutely enjoyed herself. She had a lot more freedom to explore her sexual side than I did. And I can promise you I respect her and love her to pieces. She just loves sex and there's no way I can give her more than she can take so this situation gave her a very rewarding experience. But then it must be done in the right way and with the right people otherwise it could be degrading or unsatisfying. Like everything, it's not for everyone.

Aussigirl, I love being treated like sexual garbage, There is nothing better than a big black guy in each hole, Spit roasts and GB are great., so I am treated like ****, but thats part of the deal when you date black guys they are so dominate. I need it.

sorry aussiegirl but before you cast stones you need to look at some of the things women say also !

It is sad the way you guys look at women as though they are just a piece of sexual garbage. I suppose those women should ave have more respect for themselves.

I'm your man just let me know!

tequila ! LOL

I agree, just have to get the wife on board...., any ideas on swaying her?

yes shes had several blk men b4

mmmmm sounds good my friend......ah does your wife like black ****? just curious

I'd love to be on one end or the other of that, or on the side jacking off.

:) OH YEAH !!!!!

You may not know why, but I do!! Your wife looks fantastic on all fours in the pics in your album. All I have to do is look at those pics to know exactly what you are seeing when she's taking one in each end! Holy Cow... balls slapping against her chin, indeed...