Hi, I am 14. I need some Quick Advice, or someone to talk to.
So 3 years ago my divorced mom met my stepdad. She had a baby with him and moved to Arizona. I was stuck with the choice of mom or dad. I chose mom. It took a long time to adjust and make some friends! Like 3 years. I fight with my stepdad, but not majorly anymore. So I have a twin brother, and two older brothers, one is grown up. Me and my twin brother are really close, and we tell each other everything. The problem is that I thought that Las Vegas would be better than Arizona, as I think I created that from when I was in AZ misrable. So I moved away from my mom and my twin brother to live with my dad and my older brother. And I think I just made a bad bad bad mistake! It is so lonely here without my twin brother! I have Dogs but there not filling the gap! It's only been 2 Days away and I miss my brother and mom and sister so bad! I am going to see my mom every other weekend, and my Twin every weekend as we are rotating places on weekends.
The problem is, I want to go back, I regret the decision I made. I don't think I can do this, school starts in a week here and it started 4 weeks ago there. My mom said I have to wait at least a half a year to come back, but I can't stop crying as I think when I come back things will be different. What should I do! I tried asking my mom who told me not to do it, but I've called her 6-8 times a day the past days.
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why the wait?? Tell your twin to start talking to mom(hope he misses you as much as you do him)----Good luck

We'll school started 3 weeks ago there so she didn't want me to join late

Oh and Thanks!

if your good in school(which I was not)lol I would think you could make the lessons up----

I totally get it. You need to be with your twin and your little sista. Your dad will cope, do what is right for you. Trust me your mum and dad will live you monster what. You're still a kid you're parents need to deal with whatever happens.

*no matter what

I am so sorry you feel so bad . I believe what your parents are trying to teach you is, you can't be bouncing back and forth, tear out hearts because you think the grass is greener on the other side. Have you ever thought about the pain your twin felt that you were leaving him? Your mother? There is a pain that you can't understand right now that you inflicted. There is an old saying, "You made your bed, now you sleep in it". 6 months will give you ample time to decide what you want. I am sure your mother is allowing you to sleep in your bed. Try your best to adjust. She still loves you.

Ok Thank You!!