My Cat Are Worth Everything

I buy my cats the best high quality natural foods. I buy them toys. Make them homemade treats.Bought them strollers. Spend alot of time playing with them. Bought them play tunnels,cat beds,make them fleece blankets. Buy my cat spunky joint medicine treats.I love my cats and I'd do anything for them.I take them to the vet when they need to go they got all there shots.I even scrapbook there pictures.
kittiesrule kittiesrule
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3 Responses Oct 27, 2007

It is very nice to hear stories like this-good for you! It is just nice to have a relationship with a living creature, and knowing they are well cared for, loved and respected is great. Mine has his own facebook, section of the computer, more toys than most 2 year olds, always a toy or treat when we go to the store and two great cat towers. Cats are perfect for people who love to spoil~I don't know about you, but I feel good knowing mine has only known kindness and always will. Thanks for sharing kittiesrule!

I find the best deals on cat stuff and get things cheap/free with coupons and /or ads(sales) I got the strollers at Dr.Foster and Smith sometimes they discount things or have really good sales.Have to look for clearence and sale items

cats are so much fun... :)