Down Jacket Grid Line And Lining Cloth

Down jacket grid line and lining cloth

Ordinary fabric usually use density lower nylon, Woolrich Parka production, in fabric side add anti flannelette, can rise to defend the role of wool. But there are some drawbacks, the use of the anti flannelette of Woolrich Sale is not soft, but also make the whole Woolrich Online weight increased.

Another way is to be down-proof processing, its craft is in the fabric layer brush on a layer of down-proof glue, but such fabrics feel very bad, and very easy to get angry water.

Check the grid lines. The appearance of the eiderdown Woolrich Jacken is usually joint into the grid, this is to fixed clothes down inside, so as not to wear a few times form a piece by piece. Therefore, one thing without sewing the grid eiderdown outerwear, if not work rough, very likely is resin polyester cotton for packing "ski clothes" or "penguin suit", don't be eiderdown Woolrich Men's Parka, and washed a few times, clothes may sag is gourd shape, heat preservation effect variation.

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Sep 26, 2012