I Thought I Was Going Crazy For The Longest Time! :{

I am a very intelligent woman with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a teaching credential who worked as a teacher for several years before staying home to raise my children, who are now teenagers. When I met my now husband, who is my second husband, I thought I'd found my Prince Charming. I was going through a HORRIBLE separation....my first husband had literally abandoned my with my 2 babies....I had NO money, no job, a sick infant, and had to move back in with my Mother just to survive. Times were bleak. I vowed to NEVER put my children in daycare, having worked in several while I was in college and not wanting to do that to my own kids. While I was slowly getting my life back together, I met a man at of all places, a bar. We talked and I gave him a chance because my history did not scare him away. We began dating and he was the sweetest, smartest, kindest man I had ever met. He lavished attention on me and treated me like a Princess. Our relationship started out like a friendship, but blossomed into a romance slowly and steadily...long story short, we dated 2 years then became engaged. He bought me a CAR with cash and then bought us a house to move into upon our marriage (at Disneyland BTW, with Cinderellas Crystal Coach for me, see a Princess!)....I was DEFINITELY being taken care of as were my 2 kids, which he later adopted as soon as we could terminate my ex's rights. This was very important to me seeing as I had lost everything do to the bankruptcy of my previous marriage....my husband is GREAT with financial responsibility...but can be a little, ok, a LOT anal about money. Like I LOVE that we dont have any debt....NONE....but we dont have any extras, we dont travel, etc...the romance almost completely stopped as soon as we got married. I thought it was me....I have to almost ALWAYS initiate sex...or even just kissing, or plan any dates or any outings of any kind....its soooooo boring..he never wants to do anything, its always, oh, it costs too much....etc...etc......
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I think it's the security that money brings. I walked away after 7 yrs of being codependent!!! With nothing but the clothes I wore. Anything he ever gave/paid for was thrown in my face continually. Ie: the amount of times ive took you out for tea!!!! Yes and sat there either silent, reading newspapers or talking about ways to get rich via his interest!!!

That is interesting. Is money part of the Aspergers? Because I have a friend who has it, and he's always obsessing about money, so much so that it hinders his current dating life...

Not necessarily, my wife is an aspie and pretty bad with money and she has an MBA in finance!