It Still Bothers The Heck Out Of Me.

I sprained my ankle a few years ago, during the summer of 2007.

I've always had weak ankles and occasionally rolled my ankles, but that time was the worst. I'd been running down the stairs, and jumped the last steps down, (around 2 ft). I landed on the side of my foot, and then my ankle gave out. My foot grew the size of a freaking orange. = Being the stubborn me, I never visited the doctor, and continued riding horses and walking around without support. It took about a month or two before the bruises disappeared.

Its been a few years now, but when I start running, my foot still hurts, although it stops after 15 minutes.


DarkShadowfax DarkShadowfax
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

@4vrUnique Yeah, I've been a fool lol. Planning to pay a visit to the doc soon though. I did train my ankle until I could do weird jumps, but I sprained it again during my belt test.

Ouch! Just putting all your weight on the side of your ankle sounded painful enough and then not elevating, icing and resting. Eeeek. Like nails on a chalk board!