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IFyou are fed up of hobbling about in painful stilettos and would love to find an alternative. Here’s an expert’s guide to the most comfortable yet fashionable footwear styles for spring.On the catwalk -There were plenty of looks choose from on the catwalks this season, from delicately embellished courts at Lanvin to giant 12-inch-high numbers at Dior, or the bizarrely-shaped "armadillo shoes" at McQueen. But if you are looking for comfort, I've some good news because the trend for overly strappy or bling super-heels is over. Until this season we were torn between two footwear extremes: skyscraper heels or pancake-flat pumps. You paid your money and took your choice between endless legs and a risk of painful bunions or comfort and - horror- cankles. Finally, however, a third way has emerged, courtesy of the old favourite - the court shoe.Its return will be welcomed by a band of stiletto-haters. They include the chiropractors, the chiropodists, the protectors of fine wooden floors, and, of course, my mother. But after months of uber sexy heel, the court shoe might take a bit of getting used to.It conjures up images of Air hostesses teaming sensible courts with American tan tights and acrylic skirt suits. But they can actually look quite good, once you know how to wear them. The court can be quite elegant and they are a little bit softer and sweeter than the outlandish styles that we've recently been rocking. After a couple of years on the back burner, wedges have also started to make a comeback. In addition to the fact that many women find wedge heels easier to wear than stilettos, they're also great for showcasing some of the season's other top trends like rope and cork accents. And - they're to be found in many of the high street shores such as Marks and Spencer, French connection and Dunnes - all around the 50 euro mark.The other, frankly odd, footwear trend to make a comeback this spring is the return of the clog. They were seen in the latest collections by Louis Vuitton and Chanel, who have earmarked clogs as spring/ summer 2010's next big thing. But this is certainly one look that I will certainly not be sporting - because clogs are, without question, the most monstrous and despised of all shoes. Yet even by the clog's high standard of hideousness, fashion's latest incarnations are dire. Chanel has concocted a studded, red platform, adorned with its trademark camellia (hark the sound of Coco Chanel elegantly revolving in her grave). Vuitton's version is even more grotesque: a tasselled, brown loafer clog with an ineptly positioned heel and repellent "decorative" ponytail. Yuck!If you are keen to break an ankle in the most unsightly trend around, then by all means join Vuitton's waiting list. Otherwise, I would give clogs a wide berth. Anyways, there are plenty more flattering options on the high Street.

cocopops40 cocopops40
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Mar 10, 2010