I quickly snapped this picture before they realized I took one. These two young "studs" were summer help and going off to college. A friend invited them over for a thank you dinner and pool party. Boy was I thrilled when they came out of the bedroom wearing bright speedos and socks still on their feet.
They sat down on a couple chairs and peeled them off revealing some gorgeous bare feet and toes as you can see in the picture. Their bare soles were lightly pink in color. I really loved the bare feet of the one in the orange suit. His stubby, yet slender big toes really looked awesome especially when he splayed them. I got to see them close up as we horsed around in the pool and he was on my shoulders. I grabbed hold of his bare ankles with my hands and would sometimes take hold of his bare toes. I tickled them a few times which caused him to buckle off my back in agony. The one in the red speedos, I think loved my feet in secret. He complimented me on the good condition my feet were in plus offered me a free foot massage a few times. I took him up on one a few weeks ago after working all day. He had me recline back on the employee sofa in the break room, pulled off my shoes and peeled off my socks, then started a foot massage I'll never forget. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep only to awake later feeling a warm sensation on my big toes. It felt good and he quickly said it was his fingers rubbing them. His bare feet looked good, but needed some attention especially his dry skin on his heels.
Many of the other guests loved seeing them in their speedos noticing they were well-endowed. The one in the orange suit almost lost his as he dived off the board. It surfaced before he did, but he grabbed it and put it on underwater. Everyone laughed.

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Sep 1, 2014