I Sneaked Into My Roommate's Room After He Had Sex

I'm a 22yo guy who shares a 2 bedroom apartment with a 19yo guy. I moved in 2 weeks ago.
We're both gay and I personally don't think he's hot. He's really cute, but his boyfriend is extremely hot. Last night I was sleeping and woke up with repeated slapping sounds. I looked through the window and saw their shadows on the other building's wall. Their light was on and they were moving backward/foward repeatedly. I realized they were having sex and it was the sound of someone's belly flesh hitting someone's bum flesh.
I tip-toe'd 'til his room and heard they were moaning. That gave me an instant hardon... I looked through the door keyhole and saw their profiles. My roomie was being topped by his boyfriend. They were bendind over the bed... I watched for a while and when they stopped, I went back to my room and started jacking off watching the shadows... When I noticed the moaning started again, I went back to peek a little more. I saw my roommate sucking his boyfriend for a while and then asking "let me top you".
His boyfriend started being topped by him and I started jacking off in the hallway... When they came together, I hurried to my room. 2 minutes later I heard they opening the door and going to the bathroom. As they were taking a shower, I quietly entered his room and saw loads of **** on the floor. I assumed it was his boyfriend's **** (once it was on the floor and my roommate probably came on his arse). I passed my fingers, smelled and tasted it. It was really ****. Sweet ****. Went back to my room, took one of my underwears, wiped the **** out of the floor 'til there was nothing else there.
I finished my jacking off session in my bedroom smelling and tasting his bf's ****. It was amazing. Can't wait 'til next weekend.
allthom allthom
Jul 26, 2010