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My Boyfriend Loves It!

I'd been married for over 10 years, and my husband had never been interested in making me squirt. I found that I could do it, quite by accident almost 20 years ago...nearly drowned my bf at the time...another story for another day! When I get very excited and turned on it happens. I can do it by myself, but my husband's lack of interest had me supressing, like it was a dirty little secret. That was until I met my current boyfriend.

I met him through friends, talked to him online as he lives about 12 hours from me. We shared erotic emails and phone calls for a few months until we decided to meet. I knocked on the hotel room door to find him naked behind it. He pulled me inside and started kissing me so passionately, leaving a trail of my clothes between the door and the bed. He gently laid me down on the bed and began kissing down my body. It was obvious that he could not wait to taste me. Within 3 minutes of the first flick of his tongue I was squirting. I was in a state of endless release. He was relentless, it was the most mind-blowing licking I'd ever had in my life. He was begging me for it and pulling it from my body, I was panting and wet, just slick all hair was even wet. He stayed between my legs for 2 solid hours...I completely soaked the entire bed, and that was with what was too much for him to drink from me. He told me how much he loved getting me off like that, how he loved to watch my face, look into my eyes and see the pleasure he was bringing me. He made me feel very sexy while squirting all over his face. It was a very freeing experience and changed what I thought was a negative into a delicous positive.

That was 16 months ago. In that time I've squirted all over his body many times. He can't get enough...and I can't either!
sheluvs2havefun sheluvs2havefun 36-40, F 39 Responses Dec 30, 2010

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The best moments of my life are when I drink squirting, LOVE IT VERY MUCH

My husband is turned off by my squirting too. . he's actually pulled his hand away when it's happened as he was fingering me. . and then gone to the bathroom to wash.

Ohhh. .to be with someone who actually WANTS it to happen!!

I would be there between your hot wet thighs with my mouth open wide and wouldn't miss a drop and i would never wash it off!!

Thanks for sharing. It's a fascinating feature of femininity about which I've read and seen in videos but never experienced. I've also read that it can be learned. I appreciate the female point of view you provide.

Omg! That is so hott! I would love to be with a woman that squirts. I would not be able to get enough either. No man should ever hold a woman back from experiencing that!

wow, a great story.

Mmm.....very hot!!! Lucky you!!!

Nothing makes me more content (and excited)than to recieve a squirting ******. Feeling her body tense and shake as she "let's go" is so awesome. I have been blessed to enjoy tis experience for 34 years!<br />
Thanks for sharing.

That's awesome you are now able to squirt and let yourself go. I always dream of making my wife squirt but I've never achieved that. It is also important that SHE wants to experience it and lets herself go entirely, I always tell her not to be inhibited and let herself go entirely. I would LOVE so much to experience my wife squirting in my mouth. btw can you add me to your friends list so I can stay in contact with you ? thanks in advance

wonderful lady you are sheluvs2havefun, Its my honest desire to experience a woman who can squirt anyways some desires are just there to be desired. I admire you very much


I was somewhat like you, when it happened to me the first time only a few years ago (eventhough I've been with my man for 25 years) I didn't know what was happening (other than knowing it was the most awesome ****** I'd ever had)...I on the otherhand was lucky, as it didn't put him off....rather the opposite, he absolutely loved it! Now when he knows I'm getting to that stage, he WANTS me to be over his face, as he loves to drink it all up...overflowing or not. Like you said, it is the most freeing, absolutely awesome feeling...and yes it does make me feel sexy (and slutty) as well. Now I've come to terms with the fact that if I'm having an absolutely fantastic ****....there's no stopping me...I will squirt, so whomever I'm f*** with, they'd better be ready! ;)<br />
<br />
Loved your story :)


All women can have an ******. Not all can squirt. When you can make a woman squirt, you really feelas if your satisfying her beyond the usual. I've written a story about it.

Super hot!!! Love to read from actual squirters - so many think it's just a myth or hoax. Just goes to show what they are missing. Would love to approach wife with idea but she is very conservative when it comes to sex. Any ideas? Would love to be added as friend.

A woman that squirts is an amazing find.

I love to see women squirt I love to feel them squirt on my **** when I'm ******* them it feels so ******* good.

Fantastic!!!! I've always wanted to be with a woman that squirts! I was dating lady that said it's happened to her but just three times. We broke things off after several so I never had that experience.<br />
I was wondering if a woman just looses her bladder control or if it's actual *** of some sort. <br />
<br />
Does it taste and smell different? Kathy said her's was white. love to hear your opinion and thoughts.

WoW WoW WoW yeah i feel u i know how is it 2 make a woman *** and squirt mmmm

Great stories!! I had one woman that could squirt like you and it turned me on but I was too concerned with my mattress so didn't let her go too crazy! Should have gone to a motel! Now my wife can to a certain extent but it is usually only when I'm in her or using a toy or my fingers so it stays inside but runs out around me! I love it and her!!!


Wow...I love all of your comments and am so glad that you have shared this information. I have talked to my husband about my wanting to learn to do this. He's cool with it, though it hasn't happened yet. It even turns me on to watch it...I've never been with a women, but I think I would like to maybe experience the squirt from a man's point of view. Does that sound weird?

Love it! hehe You are welcome!

Thanks for your comments, everyone! Tinycock47, I was also 17 when it happened to me for the first time! How amazing it could have been with someone as encouraging and accepting as you were with your first wife!! <br />
<br />
To dan and Daddy...I love to ********** over my bf, use the head of his **** to rub myself with...then spray him with all those juices...of course while we are looking into each other's eyes...mmm!!

I have never been with a woman that can squirt. That is just amazing I love it. I got to find me a woman that can do that.....

I may have a long enough tongue to hit it.

My 'magic spot' is just barely inside...if you were palm up and inserted your finger insdie me and did a "come here" motion with your finger, you'd be on it. It is a little bit of a 'rough' and bumpy feeling spot...not too deep inside...which is why the glass angled the right way smoothly rubs is so deliciously...well so does a finger...and with a mouth on my **** at the same time = heaven!!

That would be a nice present to unwrap. Now if he could just get past his squirting hang up.

So you have the husband and the boyfriend. You definitely seem like a very sexual person. You should enjoy everything sexual you desire. Keep on dressing sexy as well.

Thanks, you guys! : ) <br />
<br />
Dportcpl: That is a very nice and sexy thing you said about drinking me up! It turns me on so much to find other people that love this and want to experience it!<br />
<br />
rnesser: Yep, very difficult to handle! Which is where the boyfriend comes in...LOL!! Love to go with the flow...trying new things and being open minded about all the new experiences! LOVE both giving and receiving pleasure! I'm a very sexual lady! : )<br />
<br />
niceguy5: If you've done it a few times, you can definately do it more!! My bf and I have played so much, we've found the magic 'spot' that makes me squirt every time...the best 'tool' I've ever purchased for making myself squirt was a glass piece...very smooth, hard and perfectly shaped like a man with a bulbous head....angled just right and I can produce in seconds!! GIve it a try! Would love to see how it works out for you!

Wow only a handful of times a year that would be difficult for anyone to handle. It's funny how some people can be so put off be things sexually. I mean it's sex you just go with the flow and both people try to give and get as much pleasure as they can.