I Didn't Know What It Was!

I squirted for the first time in my life - the first time I slept with my lover - last year!  We hadn't even got to the bed, I was so excited, he was fingering me hard on the sofa and that was it - I came hard, squirting!  I thought I'd pissed myself and was embarrassed - it was only later when I smelt it - I knew it wasn't pee.  It is only since being on EP I have found out what I had done.  What an incredible experience it was.    I haven't done it since, but would like to be that aroused again - who wouldn't!
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would love to hear more about it

Sort of like the first Big O way back when, only better... ;) Hope you can repeat on a more regular basis.

my first wife could squirt a lot -thought she peed at first now I miss it a lot-

I keep squirting, pretty much everytime I have sex! I wish I could enjoy it as much as my partner/s seem to.

You must have been relieved to find out about this phenomenom! (get relieved! lol)

Very sexy, I'm sure you will find many men who are capable of bringing that out in you. :) I'm one of them.

I have been very fortunate to have had a lady friend for a couple years that helped me perfect my oral skills and was able to make her squirt regularly after learning a few new things. She is the one that gave me the nick name "Mr. G". I have been with a few ladies since then and I was able to get two of them to squirt and they both said it was the first time for them. It is very exciting to be able to bring a woman to that level of ******.

threw constant tessing I get my wife to squirt. It's fun I love it

I love woman who squirt to be able and let youself go it's so hot!! The wet sex with a woman riding your hard **** and her spraying you with all her love juices it's the best feeling you can have the wetter i get the harder i get then to explode together there nothing better!!!<br />
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I'm glad that you loved it!!

Great that you could experience that. I'd like to help you to repeat it!