Accidental Squirt

The first time I ever squirted was with my husband, it was only the second date. We went out with another couple tht night and by the end we was all drunk and went back to his place we went into the bedroom and our friends stayed in the living room. I know I am a **** but still I couldn't control myself once in the room i took control I got on him and I rode his **** so hard, it must of been the size of his **** hitting places and never been hit before i was only riding for a few minutes and then I cummed so hard it was like i pissed on him I felt so embarrassed neither of us knew what had happened. He keep telling me that he thought i had squirted and i told him that had never happened before. We got in the shower and we ****** again this time I let him *** on face and ****. We will never forgot that night.  
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wow!!!!! soooo hot5!!!!

That is very hot.

I actually taught my wife how to squirt just recently !! shes been holdin it back for a while but we are all good now !!

Have you squirted a lot since then?

It is very sexy when a woman knows and can admit she is a ****. How big was he that he made you squirt this first time? Much bigger than any you had before? God that story was hott.

Love a women who squirts

would love to be able to make the wife squirt !! she hasn't yet but i am still tryin. hitting all the right spots but she wont let go !!! I know for a fact that once she does she will do it all the time as once you squirt you never go back. Am I right or what ????

Maybe she's afraid she'll pee on you? Have her use the bathroom and REALLY empty her bladder before sex.

Squirting is he highest form of sexual flattery

That has to be the best second date ever.

That's great you are able to squirt and I'ld like to know how you achieved that. Can you give me some tips how to make my wife squirt ? I've already tried much stimulations but probably I'm not doing it correct. Or perhaps my wife isn't able to relax enough to let herself go. I've told her whenever she feels the need to pee to let it go, but I'm not sure if she really is able to relax entirely.

every girls squirt........only if they get continues stimulation at their g spot,clitoris and nipples......yes sure with in 40 minutes...she will squirt two or tree times.....<br />
i did it to all my girls.....may be around 62 girls i done it....<br />
the main thing for good the deep relationship.......<br /> sincere to girls.....make deep relation between man and woman...<br />
mood is the main thing for all girls to enjoy good sex...and helps to attain ****** and squirting,...<br />
if someone give the real pleasure to a woman,sure she will give you all,even her life too.....<br />
thats love,pure nvr demands any thing......stands only for lovinggggg.......

I too am a squirter and over the lat few years have been able to control it much better. I am married and my husband loves it..he craves it. I asked what he'd do if something happened to me and he met a woman that didn't squirt and his response was.."I would hate ii" LOL<br />
I do enjoy squirting and I have ruined our mattress with stains but it feels soooo good!! It is a turn on to *** all over a man and have him watch me do it. Happy Squirting all!!

I am trying to make my wife squirt but didn't achieve yet. Probably my stimulations aren't correct but perhaps she isn't able to let her go entirely as it might ruin the matress or whatever reason. Can you give me some instructions ?

that is so awesome I am turned on right now!

Very hot! Your story gave me a *****.

Sounds like a very fun night. It's nice to have some firsts with your spouse.

when we were done we had to shower we had to walk right by them and they just smiled

Hot great story I seeing a girl squirt thanks for sharing.

Ummmm!!! Love t o see the excitement of a woman when she squirts!

loved been squirted and pissed on

Wow, that is hot. What happened to the other couple in the living room?

i can remembe first time i made a girl squirt it was amazing she told me it was amazing x


Nothing like the feeling of a hot ***** squirting on you while you are ******* that *****.

Very nice story, I like that he's your husband now.. :)

great story, have you squrited much since then? Please add me


very hot &amp; wild :)