I Was 15 The First Time I Squirted

I guess I am lucky. I was 15 the first time I squirted actually one of the first times I was played with. (not sure2 or 3 time he ever touched me)He was fingering me and all the sudden I felt all this warm liquid gushing out, my pants were soaked(they were just pulled down- not off) I remember being embarrassed, wasn't quite sure what had happened, everything was so new. So I guess it was more gushing at that point. They say the women has to be really relaxed and allow it to happen-- I didn't allow anything lol!! I just think my body is really responsive to touch. I have large inner labia lips and large sensitive nipples+ a really big sex drive!! Ladies those of u who squirt I am curious to know what kind of lips u have lol I'm just curious if it is related...I have squirted many times since then, most easily when I masturbatee myself. My husband loves for me to video it so he can watch. I feel lucky to be married to someone who appreciates it-that first boy who touched me and made me soak my pants is now my husband and the only lover I've ever had, and tho he had many lovers before me there were only 1 or 2 that squirted, Just a few months ago we were talking about that first time and I asked him what he was thinking when it happened( he has a much more vivid memory in this area!) he said he felt it gush down his arm and he thought' cool- she's a squirter!..he knew right then we'd be spending our life together--ha not to mention I seemed to have a natural talent for sucking cockk lol
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Great Story!

A guy made me squirt for the first time yesterday and now I can't stop thinking about it. I'm so fascinated now.

I would love to see that

Love it
Im my girlfriends first as well and she's a natural squirter, its AMAAAAAZING!

Squirting is so hot! x

My ex-wife was a squirter/gusher and I LOVED it when she would climb on top and ride me with the base of my **** rubbing her **** just right to make herself *** Really hard!! Because when she'd *** that way, she would always warn me, "OH **** baby, you're gonna Drown!!" and I'd always reply with, "Yes baby, GIVE IT ALL TO ME!! COVER me in your hot **** sauce!!" And she Would!! I Loved feeling her let go loose and I could feel her HOT juices running down between my *** cheeks and over my balls and usually even Splashing clear up to my chest!!! But then we also Loved watersports and **** play and would Always **** all over each other EVERY time we showered together!!! It's just so HOT and Taboo as well as being such an Intimate thing to share with someone you truly love!!!!

No man has ever made me squirt. But I too have made my self squit while pleasing myself.. like u it took me by surprise I didn't know what had happened. I thought I had peed. However later I found out what I had occurred. A happy surprises :)

but do you have big or small ***** lips? we need to know for the sake of science!

my wife has huge lips.. she never knew about squirting untill last year..the first time she did it was in the passenger seat of her car, we was traviling on hwy 85 in alabama ..i got horney and took a dirt road ,,found a spot and started ******* her..i had the right angle and hit it just right and she gushed all over ..well now she has to gush every time ...please add me

wow yea each of you are lucky to have each other! i would def love to see a pic of those large inner lips!!!

i love squirters ,, my wife is the same way ,, a multi squirter

i LOVE SQUIRTERS ,, ! ! ! ! !

I am also a squirter and I don't know if the size of your labia has anything to do with it happening. However, I too have very fleshy large hanging labia but they seem to be firm and not loose.

Wow, that is so great. I LOVE big fleshy labias so much and the fact you are squirting excites me even more. I get hard just thinking on that happening when I'm laying under you and you squirt your *** in my mouth and all over my head, GREAT !!

I am fantasizing much about squirting women. I would LOVE to be under you, you forcing your ***** in my mouth and I can lick and suck your lips and **** and then you squirt in my mouth and all over my face, that must be so exciting.

I would really love to find a squirter,It looks so hot on video,it would be a buzz to have a woman sit on my lap facing me and squirt that way.

love ur story i one dated a girl that squrted an. it was alsome i was suprise thow bc i was eating her when she did shoked me then i just brried my face deeper into her loved every min of it

Hope to see a video of your squirting soon. That would be amazing.

Super hot story. Would love to see a video of you squirting.

such a hot story!! i love a woman with large lips and large nipples.. and a squirter to top it all is just amazing!!! would love to see your pics.. please add me :)

sounds like your sex life is complete!

sounds like your sex life is complete!

Great story!

My wife has small inner lips. She does only squirt when she is fingered and the tips of the finger is touching the front wall of her *****. My **** or her vibes don't reach this spot hence why only on a finger ;)

awesome! love when women squirt

Very hot story. Please allow me privilege of being your EP friend. I am intrigued squirting. How delicious.

I was 48 when I started squirting. I had read about it on the internet and taught myself to do it by ************. Now I do it every time I have sex. I should have been letting go years ago instead of holding back. The release feels so good!!

I discovered squirting when I was really young too. About age 8. I was confused: I thought I was peeing myself.<br />
<br />
I just starting squirting. Once you start, there's no way you can go back.