**** Juice

I always happen to squirt whenever I ***. I always make a mess with my **** juice because of how much I squirt. I have covered my entire home in my **** juice because of how much I squirt. Its so fun when I have friends over because my home smells like sex and **** juice. However, my friends do not mind the smell because we all like it. We often just start ************ or **** each other because we are so aroused by the smell. It's even worse for my computer because I have drenched it with so much of my squirt, men's ***, and other body fluids and wastes that it has become so sticky and it smells. ;).
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love it!

It seems you surround yourself with the scent of sexual excitement. A love nest where everyone add their own excitement to the pool of sex.

Oh that's hot! sounds like you and your friends have a very fun time together ;)

I love it...I'd love to live in a house that smelled like a ****! Especially if you were squirting all over me all the time....mmm

Too funny

I want you to sit on my face and *** repeatedly until I drowned in your juices.

That's very erotic I bet your panties gusset is coated with thick white ***** cream and the whole front is just soaked in juice and pee pee so sexy :-)

I really need to be invited to your house, and very often! Can you fix it so I can see your pics please?

I love squirters

Wow you are a nasty girl.... think im in love.....

Wow. Had that much fun, huh?

That is so hot! I've always wanted to be with a girl who squirts a lot. I've always wondered what it tastes like...

How much do you squirt on your computer?????????????????

my computer smells like my *****

That is a good thing. I want your *****!!!!

mmm ok

Would you like that?


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The smell of sex is always arousing

ur sooooo badddd.... and i luv it... *** big for me, scream and gush all over my smooth scrotum as i pound you...

mmm, yes

Id love to see you gush ;)

One of my gf's in college was a major squirter and she was so embarrassed but I found it HOT. Yeah, the whole apartment smelled like her when she left but I was more than fine with that. She was very sweet to the taste and there wasn't too much that went to waste between the two of us cleaning up. Thanks for sharing that!

Mmm that's so yummy I wud imagine ur ***** has a very strong smell being how ur such a **** I just love a very strong smelling ****

hehe, thank you. ;)

love a squirter

Wow, I wish I could help contribute to that ;p I'd love to work with you to repaint your whole house lol


Oh man, I would love to be with a girl that squirts! Guess I'm gonna have add that to my bucket list! That would be great to get my face soaked when I'm eating her ****!

I have never been with a squirter

oh, i like that, we shud live naturally..n i love the smel of **** juice, *****, urine n poo enticing.. i think..we shud live like that, n those smells shud b enjoyed.. i lov 2 smell ur juice or pee on the floor, n wen u smell my ***** poo or pee, i wud suck ur dirty *** hole n drink those dripping **** juice...!

what a great girl you are!

I squirt like crazy every time I get off, my **** just explodes and my **** juice sprays out like a geyser. Every time I squirt I soak everything in a ten foot radius of me with my **** juice! My house is the same way, it smells exactly like my ****. Most of my friends dont mind that my house smells like a big ****, and when my kids go to other peoples houses they think they smell bad because theyre so used to smelling my **** on everything. And my computer is covered in dried ***** and dried **** juice, it is so sticky and gooey and it stinks like my **** so much :)

I would love an invite to your place!

ah, i love 2 live in such a home.. n i think u wud b all natural, no clothes, hairy *****..dripping with pee n **** juice.. ahh.. i gues it wud b so erotic 2 smell those **** juice, *****, pee ..aahh...i guess wen some one comes, u hv 2 make him sit on those wet juice or pee... ah..totally erotic..muahh

Yummmmm You are my dream girl !!!

you're such a naughty ****!

Nice !!! Wish I was there to enjoy that !!

Wow!!!! Damn hot.

Mmm squirting I love squirting I played with a stranger once and she squirted so easily it was great. She would leave puddles on the floor. We were at a party and the guys would pass her around the room fingering and eating her just to watch her squirt. After a while she was worn out and begged us to stop but we didn't lol.

****** should always smell like fresh ***

a regular *** house! i like that!

I love how little you care about the mess you make. Sex should be messy!

love being soaked by females who squirt

nothing better than the smell AND taste of **** juice and **** juice

You can squirt and *** on My dinner plate and cutlery , a salty ***** tasting pizza , oh Yes

I have read you profile , the feel of a girl squirting on me is amazing , the sent it leaves in the room after a good section , with a girl who make a mess on the sheets

Hi ohh I love to see and have a girl squirt all over me , my face and **** , that slightly thicker than **** liquid , the musky sweet smell , it's also a great lube too !!!

The Queen of Squirting! That's soo nasty you little succubus <3

I want you to *** all over me!

I can't wait to chat with you someday.

I'd love to be able to come over to your house every day and give you my loads. It feels great to have a skanky piece of **** pillow to pump my *** into, especially when she will take it wherever I put it. Your stories are hot, and are making me waste one load I wish I was giving to you right now. I wish your ***** was gushing all over me while I am ******* right now.

i love the smell and taste of girl ***, i'd like to come over and drink it from your ***** and lick you clean

So hot! You are such a turn on.

love the story, very sexy and hot =] and a little warm

and I meEt all three of the requirements You Listed

I would love to lick you and suck you and then drink every bit of juice From You.

have you drank your own ***?

very sexy ;)

thank you

my pleasure. i love it when girls squirt on me. it tastes and smells so good.


i wish i could smell your furniture haha ;)

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Perfect love girls that can squirt....espically a lot....love to have my face covered. .as well

Please give me a chance to visit your place and smell it

i love the smell of sex

sex smell = instantly exciting!! your friends sure will appreciate the real ecstasy rain!

That's really sexy and hot ;)

as a man , there is nothing sexier or hotter than have a hot sexy **** squirt all my face , except when she squirts all over my thick **** as im exploding and giveing her a nice big warm cream pie ! squirt all over me babe !

XD ok

I'd love a taste

Never seen anyone squirt before & 10/15 years ago you never heard about it at all. Gotta love the internet!

Please use your **** juice covered computer to add me and to write to me.

hehe ok. ^^

I love this. And yes, I read your stories. And I like.
We have heaps in common. Maybe you will read some of mine?
I hope you look for my friend request in amongst the thousands of trolls...


I desire to live on your **** juices. You are a hot chick.

Would you please squirt all over me ????

sure. ;)

I loce it when I'm squirted on.

I was with a major squirter once before. She was amazing, drenching me. We both loved it! Check out my story about her. You sound amazingly hot, SS!

would lobve to be at your house tonight

I love women who squirt! I'd love to make you squirt for me!

W O W ! I'd LOVE to visit your home and get so horny too :) You'd have to drench me in your squirting *** all over my body and we'd have to lick your *** off our bodies together !


That's the best breakfast, isn't it ?

excellent I love to see a woman squirt you sound so hot and intense.

XD. thank you.

you are welcome and very beautiful

squirters are ******* hot

XD thank you

greetings, are you feeling naughty?


Hey! greetings! how are you? I see your groups speak for themselves. Are you horny right now? Wanna get kinky with me?

sure ;)

inbox me

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Squirters are the best.

thank you.

i want to add my *** to your house, and you can add yours to mine

lol ok

Hmm, your home must just smell wonderful.

lol, thank you.

There is nothing better than a squirting ***** I love when a ***** squirts all over me

oh, hehe.

Can I *** over? I'd love to just watch you play and I could show you how I squirt. I've *** so hard I've gotten *** in my face, hair, mouth and the wall behind my head. Sometimes I *** so hard that I spray my *** all over the place like a crazy water fountain.

oh wow. I would love to feel that kind of pressure deep inside my holes.

I would love to fill your all your holes with my *** as long as you cover me in your ***....

Invite me over. :)


i love your stories, so graphic and honest, its a real turn on. Would be amazing to have a woman like you squirt all over me

hehe, thank you.

what position do you like best to have a big **** deep in your ****, and which position makes u squirt the best??

I like any position, however, the one I squirt the most is missionary.

Can I come for a visit?


I love squirting ******* and love to lick them. I would love to lick yours!

mmm, I feel so honored to have you want to lick me. ;)

anytime! you name the time and place!

Girls that squirt are hot!

hehe. thank you. ;)

My wife squirts too. I luv to have her squirt in my mouth. We would luv to suck you till you squirt in our mouths too...

you would definately be a keeper if I wasn't married but. I too married a squirter, so we need to try to protect the bed or couch or where-ever we have sex, but hey it tastes good ;)

I can imagine the smell in your house, arousing I think. I've once been with a squirting girl. She squirted when I licked and fingered her, not once but several times, and the same happened when we ******. It was a very hot experience.

hehe, my house just smells like sex. ;)

Its a good smell

i love squirting ladies, would like to drink it all! all your story's sound so incredible kinky and horny to me.. would love to get in contact, xx

Your friends all sound like wonderful people. I mean getting aroused by the smell of your **** juice to the point that they're ************ and ******* each other, that's what friends are for. I'd love to be there some time so I could clean up everyone when they're done. I'll even tongue your computer real good, make it clean again. Then I'll give you a long, slow, deep kiss so you can have the same wonderful taste in your mouth that I would......

lol thank you

Squirt on my chest, then lick my nipples? Then kiss me deeply :) I want to taste you

Would love for you to squirt all over my body. I want your ***** juice smell :)

hehe, I will if you order me to. ;)

I would love for you to squirt on me! I've always wanted to be able to squirt but I can't. Teach me ;)

I squirt almost all the time so I am not sure how to teach you. However, I have heard that holding your breath and try forcing all the **** juice out at once after holding it for so long helps other girls.

I'd love to have a taste of that squirt

wow this kinky couple would love to smell your house and your body fluids! We would lick and drink you all in as we are a very hungry for a women s body!

hehe, thank you

Squirters as sooo sexy!!!! love making a woman squirt such a turn on :) would love an add