I've Squirted...

...twice before. Both with my current lover. I knew what it was, but had never been able to squirt before. The first time was a complete surprise and a first for both of us. He's made me squirt once more and I know it will happen again in the future. I just need to remember to relax. And be sure to encourage him when I feel myself getting close again. :)
mscoolbear mscoolbear
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4 Responses May 14, 2012

my woman squirts at times it seems i have to pull out right at the right time and rub just at the top..its a real turn on for me and i know she is enjoys it!

No pressure. Keep relaxing = keep squirting = keep man happy

My trigger is my partner going past the point that rapid penetration feels good (not climax good, just good), thru the point that it is a little painful until the point that I feel I have to pee. Then I just relax into the motion and encourage the juices to flow by doing those kegel excersizes backwards. Pushing down & out instead of pulling up & in. His endurance plays a major role, too. Obviously. :)

I guess relax is the key to squirting success. I tried many times but never achieved to make squirt. I'd LOVE to get my partner to a squirting ******, best would be with my mouth on her ***** as she squirts directly in my mouth.