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Never Gotten To See It :(

I'd love to see a woman squirt for me, ideally while i'm eating her out so i can drink her *** :) but i've never been with a woman willing to "let go" and push out on me. ladies, please get in touch with me
dirtyguy69 dirtyguy69 18-21, M 2 Responses May 15, 2012

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I love the feeling of squirting! I like to have my husband finger me and then squirt all over him!

Hi, i have only squirted while i'm on top.. i can have multiple ****** and squirt with every one. but i have stopped my self from squirting when my guy is down there because i don't know what it taste like or if he would like it..

I just started dating this guy and i feel so comfortable with him so i just let go, he like it, he thinks its hot!