Body Fluids

Just browsing this site and seeing what type of people are on it, glad I found a community of squirters as well as people that enjoy peeing. I guess I enjoy all body fluids, it's just what turns me on. I attend an indoor volleyball club in northern Ireland (yea that's where i'm from :p) and one day me and the girls were discussing ************. I was shocked that so many of them had never squirted before. I think squirting is a godsend honestly. Although I love holding myself from peeing, the ****** along with squirting is amazing, and sometimes I even combine all three. I had convinced one of the girls in my volleyball club to go down on me, took a while! But when she did it was so worth it. It was such a naughty experience since we've been friends for ages, She says she'd never done it with a girl before, but her tongue told something else. I loved the way she licked my outer lips and sucked on them, then she used her finger to rub my ****, I was really wet, and asked her if she wanted to put her fingers in. I managed to convince her to put in two and go a bit rough because that's my favorite way to get my G spot simulated. Her fingers glided effortlessly in my soft *****, and the sensation every time they brushed against my sweet spot was incredible. I squirted on her face without warning, and my entire body started trembling (I have uncontrollable trembles when I ******). I couldn't apologize because my body was being racked in vibrations, all I could do was whimper. But I think she got the message, she lay on top of me giving me a warm hug whilst I shook in ******.
It was just a really nice experience I had that I thought I'd share :)
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Bodily fluids are awesome!!

I wish I were in Ireland

hope you like male fluids as well.... and get *** squirted hard against you cervix

That's very hot and it's great you squirt when you ****** so strong ! I'd LOVE to experience your squirting ****** in my face, that would be rewarding, as II probably touched the right spots.

thanks for sharing that hot experience

I wish more women were squirters. I've only been with a dozen women or so and none of them squirted. Getting a big gush of squirt in your face must be very exciting. Have you. How do you find the taste? Does it taste like pee?

More squirting experience please....

am just a bed wetter my slef

I bet you won't have to talk this girl into doing this again and maybe you should return the favor and maybe teach her to squirt!!

hahah I intend to :)

Do you limit yourself to women or do you let guys drink from your fountain?? I love squirters and ones who mix in some pee are top of the list!!

Oh I don't mind either one. And yes I do like it when I mix my pee and squirt or drinking from a girl that does that as well :)

Great story. Sounds like you had fun and I'm glad it worked out so well for you. I'd love to explore with another lady someday so I totally understand:-)

Awesome story thanks for sharing!!

Squirting is great! I'm a guy who loves when girls do that.<br />
<br />
My first experience with a squirter was when I was in college. I had my fingers in a girl and my face was down by her ***** because I wanted to put my tongue in her, but she liked my fingers more (I guess I wasn't good at oral sex back then!)<br />
<br />
She was moaning like crazy, her legs were quivering, and then *squirt*. She got me right in the face. I didn't know what it was and I didn't care. I thought it was incredibly hot.<br />
<br />
Today, I work as a stand-up comedian (I'm not famous, you've never heard of me, I'm very new) and I have a 3-4 minute bit about how much I love squirting. My FAVORITE response from an audience member after I've performed is when a woman tapped me on the shoulder when I was at the bar and, looking me straight in the eye, just said "I'm a squirter".

Love it, that sounds fabulous, squirting in your face. Hahah can't believe she said that, sounds like an awesome experience.