I Have Always Loved A Good Challenge

I have always been a very sexual being I mastered the multiple ****** before ever loosing my virginity so it bothered me that I wasnt able to squirt and I had seen girls do it in porns as well as in person and I just couldnt figure out how to make myself squirt they always told me I had to let loose but thats hard for me cause when I *** my muscles all tighten I even added things like extasy and sexual stimulators but I still couldnt do it and one day I was really into this guy and he was playing hard to get and as I got lost in the moment I came all over the place after discovering I squirted I tried to figure it out what he did different I wanted to know how cause I wanted to be able to control it I had the whole not squirting thing down I needed to know what the secret was and in many failed attempts to re-create that moment I had given up so I met this guy at the club about 6 months ago and normally I'm not so slutty but he talked like I wasnt gonna walk for days and it didnt seem like all talk so I went home with a perfect stranger and OMG he found it all I came in ways I never imagined he was right walking was a difficult task for atleast 4 days it was amazing the tips he gave was always pee before before sex especially if you going to try to squirt and of course relaxing helps my big thing is I have to push out and it hits this spot between my belly button and my vagina everytime he hit that spot whether it was his fingers or his penis I squirted all over the place I later tried it with my toys its more difficult but I have found using one with a little curve helps o yea and keep a towel close I now love squirting but prefer doing it in easy to clean places
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You sound so fun and imaginative. I hope you find a guy to be with long term (husband) who appreciates you and your exploring nature. I'd have loved to have found a girl like you.

mmmmmm....I love a girl who squirts!

Every woman is different, in general I think it's called the "a" spot (I could be wrong) and if hit right in the right motion you'll squirt. When I'm performing *********** I always involve finger play and rubbing using both hands, I go for the gold medal lol, and she usually squirts. Like I said, I'm pretty sure you know, every woman is different so there is no "true" technique to making girls squirt. That guy just probably found "you" lol

That's great you found out how to squirt. I fantasize much about making a woman squirt and I'd LOVE to make you squirt over and over till you are completely exhausted as did that guy :)

mmmmmm, i love licking a squirting *****.

U kno we would love to make u blow ur mind in bed one time. Make u squirt like never beforee