Best Sex With A Smaller Penis!

The first time i squirt during sex i was 20 yrs old. I freaked out and thought i had peed ..they guy i was with had a fairly small penis, let say 7 inches maybe a little smaller.
I was married to a man who had a 9 1/2 inch penis, during our marriage i never squirted, not once.and other times during sex i never had an ******, after our marriage ended i had sex with an ex, small penis and i squirted (a lot). I then realized that i can squirt if i choose to.

The thing is, when i feel it, ( my ******) i tend to bite myself,or ask my partner to bite, chock me, **** like that.... the pain stops me from squirting.
Second thing, my ****** were mainly clitoral and now i was letting myself have powerful, toe curling, glass shattering G spot vaginal ****** and when i do allow myself that intense pleasure, i squirt and its the best sex, ever..

So, i've just started dating after 6 yrs,I am only interested in him for sex, because i think he has the most perfect 7 inch **** in the world.. i know some girls think bigger is better, actually with me i've realized i like smaller guys.
This guy gives me multiple ******, that i've never had before and i squirt several times during our encounters. He has asked me to squirt while he is on top but i can't it only happens when i'm on top.

How do i get myself to squirt if my guy is on top?
I sometimes feel the " squirt" coming on if he is giving me oral pleasure, but i stop myself of push him off, i"m scared to squirt in his mouth...What does it taste like..Should i just let it happen?
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6 Responses Dec 12, 2012

So envy him. Love a woman that squirt. Have it all over me! Sooo sexy!

my wife squirts all the time...although its hard to get the right angle witht the guy on top....hard to desribe the taste....not bad at all...just different...and warm!!!

i would love to taste and tell you ,i like the taste of ***** juice but never tasted a squirt

just let it happen, its his reward for doing a good job

yes just let it go i for one like that

I say let it happen. Maybe tell him you are going to squirt so he has the choice to get a mouthful or not. It doesn't really have a taste (nothing like swallowing a guy's ***). I've tasted myself on his lips or fingers.

I've been more comfortable with squirting and he absolutely loves it. He likes it all over his body, in his face ... He makes me feel absolutely comfortable with him ..