Help Me Learn?

I know I can squirt, I just don't know how I'm doing it. Generally when I haven't m a s t u r b a t e d in a long time and it feels extra amazing I can. But I can never make myself do it. It's generally from simple c l i t stimulation and I'm not a distant squirter but quite a bit comes out. The first time I did it I was 15 and confused but knew I liked it. I know all about g spot stimulation and all that but I'd like to know more. I never actually squirt while I o r g a s m. It's always in the middle of fingering myself, without climax. I'd love to o r g a s m and squirt at the same time. Maybe I should buy a g spot stimulating d i l d o? Help me out please:)
lovemarilyn lovemarilyn
18-21, F
6 Responses Dec 13, 2012

slap your ***** enough to get stimulation and then use a toy deep and pull out fast.

You don't need any of those things. You simply need a man who knows how to teach you! ;-)

try buying the wand it real investment my wife loves hers puts it just above the **** and she says its amazing gives her the squirt of a life
or try a bullet it worked first but then neede d more !!!

Try rapid stimulation of ur **** when u start to *** sweetie

Use a vibrator

For me it can be done without penetration but my tested techniques include deep breathing like one would do for yoga or meditation and **** stimulation. The key to the dam (so to speak) is taking the toy or member and running it vigorously from top to bottom of entire slit. Enjoy experimenting!

sounds good, thanks :)