I Broke A Cell Phone

I once was having sex in a car and his phone was underneath us and I squirted so much that his phone was broken, and t mobile didn't beleive him! Now my bf can swallow all of me so we dont have to worry about that It;s kind of a fetish now
JordanDarling JordanDarling
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13 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I love drinking *** mmm

I love watching my girl twitch and squirm after she squirts all over the place, it is almost a bigger turn on than sex itself, lol!

mmm I'd love to drink your juice

So sexy I love drinking it all

The exact same thing happened the first time I ****** my babys mother in the back of her car a couple years back. She squirted three times simultaneously one after another soaking my **** pants and everything around. She is the first and only Ive girl ever had who could squirt but ive never got to taste. Tasting.and swallowing that juice has always been the biggest fantasy of mine because I love licking her so much.

That's a cell phone I wouldn't mind losing :)

i also enjoy the taste of a woman's squirt and love licking it right after

The swallowing is the best part ! I want some ...

it is a dream for me to make someone squirt but I have never met a girl who can !! that whole body ****** shuddering away !! boy would I love to see it

as well it should!

wow !

That's great you can squirt so much ! I fantasize much about being in the receiving end of such a squirting ******. I'd LOVE to swallow all your juices :)

Squirting is nice i learned about it a few years ago and had to teach my girlfriend how to do it. Did you just naturally do it or did you have to learn?