How Much Can You Squirt? Or Make Her Squirt?

It depends how turned on i am. Saturday night i drenched the floor, i've soaked beds, where it takes days to dry lol. My daughter once said, "why is the floor so wet?!" Hehe....My husband taught me how to do it, when no one else could. Now I can do it myself to a strong trickle or spray. But he gets me gushing. I would like to squirt all over you...and every ******* face in the world. Mmmmm.
sizzzlin69 sizzzlin69
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25 Responses Jan 22, 2013

How do you control it like that? Please share your secret. Ty

WOW !! You are one of my dreams !! I sooo love a squirting Lady !!

would love to se you, please add if possible I am a kitty worshiper, perve

mmm, would love to see you squirting, and even more to lap it all up, but unfortunately it is impossible on the net ;-(

Love, Love, Love it if you squirted all over me ;)-

mmmm wow, squirt on me =]

I love squirting , and have plenty of towels to soak up my gushing, when it sprays me and my partner wow.

yum spray me too ;)

You can drench my bed any time ;)

You can squirt all over me plz

OMG!! I really love making a woman squirt! you are so lucky you can do that. I'm already fantasying about that! haha

add me ;)

Squirting is the ultimate turn on and an A+ for a bloke!!! AB

Haha thanks and I'm glad I made the grade! ;)

awsome squirters are fantastic !

Have u measured how much u can squiry

When it gushes you know you are doing it right..:)

I would love to taste ur squirt

Would u soak me?

i love women that squirt. you can squirt in my mouth anytime hon

great story.. would you like to squirt on my face??

Pfffft I would squirt on most peoples faces jaja

i will lick every drop of your squirt and make your ***** clean by licking it for several hours

That in itself , is one hell on a turn on , watching your woman squirt .Great story.

Thanks!:) I love it! Feels terrific.

I would love to drown and die that way !! having a girl squirt for me is a dream come true. Never found someone that actually does it but ah well.

:-( I hope u find someone soon!

mmm i would love to be licking your ***** and nibbling and sucking your **** till you squirted all over my face, then after youve ***, i would love to slide my thick **** into that wet moist ***** of your till you came all over me again, please add me i would love to see more from you...thanks


That's great. I fantasize much about getting a woman squirt all over me ! I'd LOVE you to drown me in your juices and squirt all over my face and body !

That's sexxy ;)

Yes, that's very sexy indeed !

Thanks, I will try it.

There's a button in there...find it, push on it...stimulate the **** at the same time. Back and forth, really fast...she has to fully relax the first time, feels almost like peeing until u know what muscles in there to use. It's messy ;)

What is the trick to getting a women to squirt? I cannot get my wife to aquirt. Please add me and I appreciate any suggestions you may have.