Not Sure... Imma Try Though

yesterday after research on how to squirt i said i would try to see if it happened. i dont normally finger myself but i had to for this. i know why i dont know. im really tight and im not use to the motion. there's this little spongy area on the inside behind where the **** is and that's where i read the g-spot was- i messed with it for awhile and something happened. my hand was wet and the sheets to. i swear i thought i peed.... didnt smell like it though. i said i was gonna try again a few different ways and post my results. wish me luck
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I squirt and thats the way it is.. love squirting

Oh good luck- if u need a hand!!!!- don't try to ***- it will happen, when you are relaxed, and in the righ enviorment. Maybe with the right person. The more you "try" to make this happen, the more you will "worry" about it, and that will stop you from relaxing.
The brain is the biggest sex organ in your body- don't forget that, ok??

Mark x

firtsly good luck and it seems you have found the one spot that will make you the happiest woman on earth. I would love to see someone squirt. 1 damn big dream of mine

Oh wow, seems like you are indeed a squirter! That is pretty hot I admit ;) Have fun experimenting