I Guess I Do Now!

Today, i was in the shower feeling rather horny. So i took the shower head and put the pressure on high and aimed it directly at my ***** and especially my ****. it felt really f*cking good like always, so i kept going.
It got to the point where i started using my fingers and the shower head and i orgasmed, hard. But it didn't feel like enough! So i kept going, deeper, harder, hotter. I had to lay in the tub it felt so damn good. i started moaning like crazy and remembering the nice **** i got from my boyfriend yesterday. I then got almost an unbearable pain, but it felt good at the same time. whenever this happened with my boyfriend i'd make him stop. But today, i wanted to see what it would feel like to keep going. After about 10 more seconds of intense pleasure i orgasmed again. But this time was different. I was screaming from the pleasure, my body went almost numb then tingled all over. and i felt something from between my legs. Like a gush of some sort. naturally, i reached down there. It was almost watery but didn't smell like urine or anything i've smelled before. So I tasted it, it tasted almost like nothing but sort of sweet. I looked it up on the internet and found out, I can squirt! Wait till my boyfriend hears about this ;)
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you should surprise your bf by ************ to the point you squirt as he walks in the door and make your self squirt all over your own face

Luv ur story

Oh you lucky girl or better yet your lucky BF>

Turning me ON...nice one

add me pls

Atta girl!

I love this

That is awesome! Now you have to try this without the shower head and really see how you flow. Amazing story!

oh yes... it is the best thing ever to taste...

welcome to pure pleasure! some guys atre ***** and grossed out by it....my guy takes it like it's the hottest thing ever!

If you want to make it so you do it more times then none you should practice your kegels and maybe even get yourself a set of benwah balls to use throught your day so help increase your vagina muscles and labia control. By doing these vaginal exercises you will be able to control and vary the strength of your ******* thus resulting in ....... if you chose to squirt then you will and if you dont want the lovely mess do to the fact thqt you could create and embarrassing moment then you wont because of the control you will have over your vagina and prgasms. BTW I also would like to congradulate you and may you have many more wet/soaking *******.

Happy days for you and him - enjoy, but be careful as it can be very messy... though great fun!!!!!!!

You told that you always stopped your bf before this happened, the key is relaxing and let it happen. I'd LOVE so much to make my wife squirt, but she always stops me before and she just doesn't let me continue even if I try. It's great you discovered that and I'm jealous of your boyfriend ;)

He is one very lucky guy.

That's ******* hot

Wait 'til you can do it while straddling his face?