After My Experiment

so like i said i tried squirting again because the first time i wasnt sure. i tried again rubbing my **** to have a ****** then fingering. at first i felt something come out but it wasnt shooting out like the first time. i continued and when it happened again it shot out like really fast and unexpected. and it got on my stomach a bit. i tried again and got the same result. i guess the next thing i'd have to try is rubbing my **** and fingering at the same time. everyone talks about how great it feels when they squirt but i guess im hard to please, even if im pleasing myself
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5 Responses Jan 23, 2013

G-Spot massage will get you there. I've had great luck making women squirt. There are lots of toys you can use yourself to reach it, but many women find the feelings too intense and can't bring themselves over the top, stopping short of ****** and the resulting squirt.

Would u show me ur talent?

As I mentioned on another post of yours - just relax- some girls find it very difficult- and I've read, although how true I don't know, that some women "squirt" over and over, and others never do.

I know the my wife, only does after much playing, and normally after I have finished, if you get my meaning !!
Relax- it's all about relaxing - don't rush things - mark xx

I squirt more when my husband is doing most of the stimulation than when I am by myself. Probably because I can fully relax and enjoy it.

take your fingers when your fingering yourself, curl them upward and stroke the top inside of you *****, push hard, that should make you squirt real good, works on my wife every time