Alone In The Garden

Lying in the sunshine today, wearing a bikini. It was so hot, and I was so horny. The garden is enclosed and private so I slipped my hand inside the bottoms and felt the wetness. Whilst slipping my fingers inside my thumb rubbed my ****. My fingers probed deeper until I found my spongy g-spot. I rubbed my lit with such speed I felt myself begin to shake. I whipped of the bikini bottom and sat on the edge of the sun lounger, the left hand worked my **** and the right fingers explored within oh this was going to be a biggy. I used my muscles to tighten and release faster and faster and then held it, until with a scream I pushed and omg I gushed, I pulled back held it again for a few seconds and then squirted at least 2metres. Needed a huge glass of water at the end, I was exhausted and happy though.
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16 Responses Jun 8, 2013

I would love a taste.

wow!!!! awesome girl!!!!


I'd have caught it with my mouth and drank it down

Ooo I'd love to see that show mmm

I would love to drink it!

Hmmmmm that's a hot vision ;-)

I'd have liked to be watching that from close range ! :)

Re huge glass of water, I hadn't thought about it, but I imagine squirting does deplete one's body of water. Now, of course, the boys will be trying to make you need a gallon of Gatorade.

I wish I could have seen that .

That's great, I'd SO LOVE to observe you ************ yourself to such huge *******. I'd LOVE even more if you sit on my face and use my face as your sex toy for YOUR pleasure. I'D LOVE you to squirt all over me and I'd LOVE to lick all your cumm off our bodies :)

That was hott. I would love to see you squirt! Whats the farthest your have squirted? Can you squirt yourself in the face?

would love to see that!

There is no better turn on

You can squirt all over me then I will lick you clean

I'm back there right now, ohhhh what to do .......