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I Like Squirting, But I Love Gushing

I've had a few men make me squirt over the years. The best though, has been the two men who made me gush till I literally had puddles all over the floor.
ndrew ndrew 36-40, F 16 Responses Aug 26, 2013

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It's fun. We always get 3 large beach towel before any love session. My wife will soak all three of them. Lots of laundry but it is so worth it!!!

I come by your house. I knock and you answer the door in your night gown. I step inside and grab you by the back of the neck and ***. I slip my tongue past your lips and gently roll it in your mouth. I breathe in deeply stealing your breathe. I squeeze your *** so hard you moan and then firmly spank you. I release your neck and cup your jaw in my hand while I begin to grind the bulge in my pants on your dripping wet *****. I slide a finger into your ******* and grind against you as if I were crazy with lust. I grab a handfull of hair and pull your head back as I pull my tongue out of your mouth I bite you gently on the bottom lip them begin to kiss your neck. As you moan in delight from my finger in your *** and my fullyou erect penis smashing your **** I begin to suck your neck just below the jaw. I suck your neck so hard capillaries burst giving you a huge hickey. Your hands are grabbing my *** and clawing my back all the while. Your hips are gyrating causing a huge wet spot on my jeans that soaks into my boxer briefs. You unbutton my pants and kiss down to my chest. Then you run the tip of your tongue down to my underware and suck my **** through the wet spot you created. I grab your hair and pull you away to look into your eyes and pull my **** out. You rip my underware down and I let you take the tip in and pull you away. It makes a popping sound as it departs your lips. I repeat several times before I shove it deep into your mouth. I hold you there and make you stick your tongue out to taste my balls. As you gag saliva drips down your chin. I repeat this several times. Making you look up at me all the while. Your beautiful eyes well up with tears. I release your head and you suck my **** like you hate me, fast and hard. You work the shaft with one hand and cup and rub my balls with the other. I grunt and moan the entire time. I tell you how beautiful you are. Oh **** me baby, you suck a **** like no other. I am going to nut on your face. I grab your hair and pull your mouth off my ****. You continue to stroke me vigorously. Oh **** yes, I shoot a hot stream of *** onto your face. I pick you up and put a leg over my shoulder and bury my face into your soaked ****. You taste so sweet. I lick you from your taint to the top of the hood of your ****. I widen my tongue as much as possible and smash it between the lips of your *****. Your juices gush into my mouth. I suck in hard to get every drop. Then slowly lick the entirety of your *****. I stop at your **** and flick my tongue all over it. Like a boxer hitting a speed bag. I then suck it into my mouth and alternate rubbing it between the tip of my tongue and upper lip and the tip of my tongue and the back of my front teeth. You moan and **** my face harshly. My **** has become fully erect again. I stand up and move to your couch. I sit down and pull you onto my lap. You grab my penis and guide it into your swollen ****. You begin to roll your hips as you slide up and down my shaft. I take your huge **** into my hands and massage them. I moan with ecstasy as ride me harder and harder. I move a hand to your mouth and tell you to suck my finger. You lick it and then take it in. You suck it hard as you did my **** earlier. I remove it from your mouth and spread your *** cheeks with one hand and slide my lubed finger deep into your ***. I work your ******* hard until you begin to moan that you are going to ***. I pick you up and put you on all fours. I slide my **** back into your ***** and grab you by a shoulder and your hip. I thrust hard and fast for several minutes while you *** all over my member. I watch your ******* puff out with every punishing thrust. The site of this and your moans of pleasure cuase me to unload into your beautiful fuckhole. I thrust in hard and deep and hold you in my arms as my **** pulsate in your *****. As the last pump of my seed empties into your ***** I pull you down on the couch and we lay there rubbing your nipples and **** until my **** falls limp and is squeezed from your ****.

My partner soaks three beach towels each time.


Hottest experience for me was the first time a lady squirted for me!!!! I orgasmed just watching it happen!!!!

so very jealous of you. ep took down a story i wrote about woman I worked with that I was having lesbian sex with who squirted. it was about 10 years ago and I haven't been with a squirter since. :(. two wet men always takes a mess of the sheet with a squirter their trashed and I loved so!

I've trashed so many sheets, one sofa, and who knows how many hotel beds. I'd love to experience squirting all over another woman!!

mmmm I would love to hear about that experience. So hot.....

That is so hot!!


Love that so

Lapping everything clean

Love the feeling when my girl soaks me and the bed. My **** come right back to life

OH MY DEAR GOD YES PLEASE. i love both, the wetter the better, i would drink from you endlessly i love this

That must be the best sight to see!!! I love it!!!

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I have been with 2 women like that before. Luckily both in hotel with 2 beds because towels did not stop the bed from getting completely soaked! I, and 2 other men, kept them gushing all night. ;)

The first time I gushed was at a man's house who (luckily for him) had tile floors. It was as if he turned on a faucet full blast, since my juices were pouring out and flooding the whole floor. The second time was in a hotel. He had me squirt before, but didn't know about the gushing. The entire king size bed was completely soaked. We always go to a hotel since that's the only place that has an industrial size mop and enough towels to clean up "my mess."

Mmmm very nice. I have made a few squirt, but not gush like I described above. Last time was a week ago. Lady was on her back, **** in her ***, I rubbed ****, but as soon as I slid my thumb in ***** she exploded! Like old faithful! Soaked **** and balls then carpet below ;)

Not a mess, wonderful juices yum

mmm lucky them. i love when a woman gushes :)

very sexy ;) I love it when a woman gushes

sexy :)