I Like Squirting, But I Love Gushing

I've had a few men make me squirt over the years. The best though, has been the two men who made me gush till I literally had puddles all over the floor.
ndrew ndrew
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Love that

It's fun. We always get 3 large beach towel before any love session. My wife will soak all three of them. Lots of laundry but it is so worth it!!!

My partner soaks three beach towels each time.


so very jealous of you. ep took down a story i wrote about woman I worked with that I was having lesbian sex with who squirted. it was about 10 years ago and I haven't been with a squirter since. :(. two wet men always takes a mess of the sheet with a squirter their trashed and I loved so!

I've trashed so many sheets, one sofa, and who knows how many hotel beds. I'd love to experience squirting all over another woman!!

It is a wonderful thing to make a woman release. As Yogi Berra said, it is 90% mental, but getting there and beyond is fabulous.

mmmm I would love to hear about that experience. So hot.....

That is so hot!!

Love the feeling when my girl soaks me and the bed. My **** come right back to life

OH MY DEAR GOD YES PLEASE. i love both, the wetter the better, i would drink from you endlessly i love this

That must be the best sight to see!!! I love it!!!

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I have been with 2 women like that before. Luckily both in hotel with 2 beds because towels did not stop the bed from getting completely soaked! I, and 2 other men, kept them gushing all night. ;)

The first time I gushed was at a man's house who (luckily for him) had tile floors. It was as if he turned on a faucet full blast, since my juices were pouring out and flooding the whole floor. The second time was in a hotel. He had me squirt before, but didn't know about the gushing. The entire king size bed was completely soaked. We always go to a hotel since that's the only place that has an industrial size mop and enough towels to clean up "my mess."

Mmmm very nice. I have made a few squirt, but not gush like I described above. Last time was a week ago. Lady was on her back, **** in her ***, I rubbed ****, but as soon as I slid my thumb in ***** she exploded! Like old faithful! Soaked **** and balls then carpet below ;)

Not a mess, wonderful juices yum

mmm lucky them. i love when a woman gushes :)

very sexy ;) I love it when a woman gushes

sexy :)