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I Like Squirting, But I Love Gushing

I've had a few men make me squirt over the years. The best though, has been the two men who made me gush till I literally had puddles all over the floor.
ndrew ndrew 36-40, F 10 Responses Aug 26, 2013

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Love that so

Lapping everything clean

Love the feeling when my girl soaks me and the bed. My **** come right back to life

OH MY DEAR GOD YES PLEASE. i love both, the wetter the better, i would drink from you endlessly i love this

That must be the best sight to see!!! I love it!!!

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I have been with 2 women like that before. Luckily both in hotel with 2 beds because towels did not stop the bed from getting completely soaked! I, and 2 other men, kept them gushing all night. ;)

The first time I gushed was at a man's house who (luckily for him) had tile floors. It was as if he turned on a faucet full blast, since my juices were pouring out and flooding the whole floor. The second time was in a hotel. He had me squirt before, but didn't know about the gushing. The entire king size bed was completely soaked. We always go to a hotel since that's the only place that has an industrial size mop and enough towels to clean up "my mess."

Mmmm very nice. I have made a few squirt, but not gush like I described above. Last time was a week ago. Lady was on her back, **** in her ***, I rubbed ****, but as soon as I slid my thumb in ***** she exploded! Like old faithful! Soaked **** and balls then carpet below ;)

Not a mess, wonderful juices yum

i love eating a woman till her juices are dripping down my chin. Share the nectar i capture in my mouth.

mmm lucky them. i love when a woman gushes :)

very sexy ;) I love it when a woman gushes

sexy :)

It is kewl,one time i didnt want to get the bed wet again. I ran to the bathroom an pounded my ***** with the vibrator .i start gushing an it was like rain it was fun. Enjoy!