Niagara Falls

I know this will be hard to believe but I remained a virgin until I met my husband.  Because I chose to be chaste there was so much about sex I did NOT know, so when I first squirted I was both shocked and horrified!

I thought I had just wet myself...but my husband knew better.

Since then I have squirted/sprayed during ****** enough to soak a large bath sheet...which is a beach towel large enough for the point where you would have thought I immersed it in a pool of water.  I have also soaked our bed to the point where it needed to be ******** and allowed to dry over the course of an entire day and some of the evening...even  then I needed to lay towels down so we could sleep on it!!

There was also a time where my husband arranged a "circle jerk" and I squirted with only clitoral stimulation much to the surprise and amazement of the men who witnessed it!

I can squirt /spray over and over and over again until my body shakes and trembles, and then some more if the energy is there.

In short I am like Niagara Falls once I get going!!


Seanachai Seanachai
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Glad you were able to develop that capability....

Squirting is my biggest turn on. Amazing to watch a woman spasm and tremble as juices fly out of her, nothing is more beautiful or sexier

yes I understand totally, my wife soaks one towel, sometimes two towels everytime I **** her. I noticed that when she gets more turn on she skirts a lot more and with more intensity

You are a lucky girl, and what a lucky husband you have! I would love to see you squirt!

That is great you squirt and your husband is very right to approve and encourage you. What did your husband do differently to make you squirt ? I'ld LOVE so much to make my wife squirt too. Your instructions and tips are very welcome.

I wrote a whole instructional on female *********** somewhere in EP--can't remember where

If your a female who would like this please write me... Arclight4507 at gmail

I want to find a girl who can squirt and hopefully have a ltr with her. This turns me on immensely. I would make her *** over and over again and squirt her juices into my eagerly awaiting mouth and swallow every last drop of her. I'm rock hard just thinking about this.

I want you to squirt on me!!!

I want you to squirt on me!!!

Your husband is a lucky man indeed. Nothing like a face fountain to make my day.

Love when I hit the right spot enough to make my wife squirt. When she really has a strong g-spot O, she will cover me with juice and leave a huge wet spot on the bed!! Makes the sex so hot!!!

Seanachai, your man is very lucky! I hope he knows that... You rock girl.

My wife is a squirter too!! I love it!!

I'd like to ask someone's advice on how to get a woman metally ready to squirt. If you experienced that experience after having sex for years and then squirted the first time, what did you do differently? I would very much appreciate your wisdom.

my wife is the same it is great. I love it.

WOW!!! I am also a squirter due to the manner in which my female sex organ was "created".

When the sex is this good, it is wonderful for both. I love watching my wife when this happens. It says to me, "You did good, my Love."


wow , l love to make girls squirt too and have been with several that do and it can be a life altering expereance the first time it happens , good to hear that your partner enjoys it too . l would have loved to have been at the circle jerk , maybe someday l could , dawsonite2

i'm the same way! i can squirt gallons and i LOVE to. my boyfriend didn't believe me the first time we had sex a few months ago so he didn't prepare anything...i squirted clear across his room and soaked everything in his closet! he learned his lesson :)

Seanchai, I like the way you say that, "turn her loose with the juice." Well said!!!

Also ...squirters cannot get away with "faking it" if there is no juice you didn't turn her loose :P

I too am a squirter but I disagree with you because I dont have to squirt everytime i have an ****** and neither do you. If you practice your kegels then you will have better control ov your vaginal muscles and therefore be able to control when you want to and when you dont want to squirt.

I met a girl like you once about 20 years ago and the sex was absolutely fantastic. She could soak everything but we just prepared for it and thoroughly enjoyed it.<br />
<br />
Strangely, some me are not excited by this I just don't understand them at all. The wetter the better.

so should i wear a rain coat?!