I started learning to squirt about 4 months ago and have been squirting in a modest way but this moning was very different! I have had a week where I have not been able to ********** much and this morning had the opportunity before getting out of bed as I was alone in the house! I took myself to the bathroom before starting and went back to the bedroom and got out my favourite glass *****, silver bullet **** stim and my stronger clitoral stimulator! I placed a towel on the bed folded thickly and positioned myself against the pillows............................I eased the ***** into my wet ***** and while moving it in and out ran my bullet over my ****, withoing seconds I had the urge to squirt, I removed the ***** and continued with the bullet and shocked myself as I squirted so much not once but twice all over my legs the bed and the wardrobe mirrored doors 5 feet away...................after a few smaller squirts I changed to my stronger stim and had a huge ******! Then I had to clean the mirrored doors before my husband came home again hahaha!


I now feel I can really say I can squirt!!

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9 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Well done Cominx. I love women who squirt, and of course I love making them squirt too!

When you post this video on X tube be sure to let us all know

very sexy! i wish my girlfriend did that

Sounds great i would love to see you squirt <br />
<br />
C 2 C xoxoxox

What a horny story! As Cominx well knows, I love women who squirt - I just love getting wet from a woman. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall (but not on the mirror!)

mmmm very nice story i love watching women squirting

What a wonderful skill. Enjoy

PML Sat! Good for you cominx! Join the club! I used to hate it, but now me and my partner find it such a turn on x

glass cleaner top of the shopping list now then lol