And it felt so good. Doing laundry has a whole new purpose.
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to bad my face wasn't in the way

I have been lucky enough to be with TWO different squirters, my ex and her BFF. I LOVE squirters!!

So ****** hot! I'd love to get squirted while u straddled my mouth

WOW !! You can do my laundry anytime as long as I'm with you ! SOooo hot !!!!

Might take a long time

Might take a long time

If you are with me, we can take all day !!!

Oh my... Love the feel of getting soaked by a hot woman

Everything gets soaked.


How much squirt?

I didn't count. Probably around 5-7 squirts. Plus I had it running down my legs.

Must have been pretty wet?

Yes it was

How does it taste?

Yummy of course

That's looks oh so good... Next time save some for me ;)

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Im interested in hearing about this. Was this your first squirt? Are you a heavy squirter, or just a light bit of extra fluid?

Not my first. This is normal for me. I regularly soak the towels and sheets and hubby.

Your husband is a lucky man. You are the woman of my dreams lol. Love squirters. Never been with one. Had a few girls that could make gigantic puddles but no actual squirt