Many years ago i met a ssbbw black girl on line.I am white and was 53 at the time.She was 28 at the time.We had great sex together and somewhere along the way somethings came up that were not related to our relationship and we lost contact.Well recently we have reconnected.I am looking forward to some of the best sex ever again.She is great.She has the biggest **** i have ever seen and she loves when i finger her.She is so hot and wet and really comes hard each and everytime.She has that nice dark brown skin and i am so white.Her *** is so wide and her nipples so big.I would say she is in the 400 lb range and 5'9".Her **** are 56 DD and soft.She is also so sweet and kind and very smart and very sexual.Any guy not willing to try a ssbbw really should keep an open mind try and not let what other people think get in your way.I am not saying all bbw's and ssbbw's are great,not all skinny girls are either.Mine is wonderfull and i am glad to be seeing her again.Sex with her is awsome,everytime.
viginawhisperer viginawhisperer
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She sounds wonderful!!!! Maybe I could try her too. :>)

Sounds like you found someone quite wonderful there.

I dont think some of the other women i see who are on the small size would understand.For me its not about size or coloror age.Its about change and being with people who are fun and open and everybody having a good time.They wouldnt understand some of the other things i like as well.I am what i am and it is what it is.To those who dont approve or are turned off.well i guess we wont be playing together anytime soon.They cant say i am not open with my feelings.Opinions are always welcome but i dont let them sway me.Glad you liked the story and your opinion is welcome.

Glad you found what you like and not let opinions of others sway you.