Ssbbw Golden Shower

So i had been speaking to an SSBBW on and off now for quite some time. I was lucky enough that she found me and eager to fill the role of dominant SSBBW i was looking for. She is 10 years older than me, about 5'8", dark skinned and close to 300lbs. As time went on, we would randomly get together and she would sit on my face and make me lick her till she came. As we became more comfortable with each other, i was able to explore more of my fantasies and my fetishes began to evolve. Now it wasn't just meeting up and she sits on my face. Now i would go down on her while she ate lunch, or i'll be wrapped in saran wrap while she smothered me. Once she had me drive to a parking lot in an office building during work hours. We parked by a fence facing the expressway and she watched traffic and ate lunch as i was trapped under her.

As time went on, and my fetishes evolved we both stumbled upon the prospect of toilet slavery. It started one day we were getting hot talking on the phone  and she had to stop to use the bathroom. Still in the mood from our conversation the femdom theme spilled into the bathroom scenario and she eagerly accepted the scenario and egged me on for more. It wasn't long before we were discussing all out toilet slavery scenarios. Scheduling conflicts make it difficult for us to have a few hours to ourselves were we can truly experiment, but she surprised me recently.

I had finally managed to get some time away while she was free and we met up in a motel. It had been a while since we'd seen each other so this was merely a quick get together just for me to go down on her for a bit. Kind of, remind me of what she tastes like, what she smells like, and where my place was. She had been getting deeper into the dominant role, even going so far as to get mad at me for not bring her anything to drink.

I was in the room, naked when she arrived. Once inside she order me onto the bed, undressed and mounted my face. She was facing my feet and i was completely buried under her ***** and ***. I immediately began licking her ****, flicking it with my tongue ring. She reach behind and pulled her *** cheeks apart, allowing me to finally take a breath. To my surprise, her *** crack was littered with pieces of toilet paper from her last wiping. She must've known because she held her *** open above me before directing me to lick her ***. And lick i did and her massive *** cheeks rested on my face. All i could see was darkness but i'm sure from a side angle, it looked like her *** was eating my face, and it was.

After alternating for a while between her *** and *****, she finally came and got off of me, laughing at the pieces of toilet paper stuck to my face. After resting a bit and regaining her composure, she was back for another round. This time she directed my mouth over her ***** rather than her **** and it wasn't longue before she was ******* my tongue. After a while of this she paused, and said she had something for me. My mind raced with the possibilities, and i figured she would probably fart on me. I was actually getting excited at this, the thought of her farting in my face.

I heard a strangely familiar sound and suddenly a flood of her **** splashed against my nose. I instinctively opened my mouth and was greeted by the hot and salty liquid. It's a taste i won't soon forget, and will forever alter my future beach visits. She quickly filled my mouth as i tried to swallow and keep up. She peed for a good 15-20 seconds without stopping, i wasn't keeping track of time, just trying not to drown. She held firm, sitting on me as her **** continued to flood over my face. Even though i was swallowing it, there was way too much for me and it wasn't long before my face was covered. I'd given up on swallowing since there was so much of it, it stung my eyes and invaded my nostrils. I couldn't breathe through my nose, and everytime i opened my mouth it was again flooded with her ****. She finished and got off of me laughing as she went to the bathroom to clean herself up a bit. I sat up in shock at what had just happened. My eyes stung and her **** was dripping out from my nostrils.

Once out of the bathroom, she had me sit on the floor at the foot of the bed. With the back of my head resting on the mattress, she turned and shoved her *** in my face yet again. I probed her *** as best i could from this position, my face completely buried in her ***. As my tongue explored, i couldn't ignore the bitter yet slightly sweet flavor i was tasting. She got off of me and turned so i was facing her stomach. She lifted her belly and stepped forward, tilting my head back and inserting her **** into my open mouth yet again. She moaned her approval of this new positioned as she dropped her belly on my head and rode my face into another ******.
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May 17, 2012