I Had to Check First ...

Since this group is made by my dear friend the Duchess I think I know what it means. Yes I do that to, sometimes I just go to my friends profile and read their stories.

I think that's why they are there, to be read and understood. And as I read their stories and feel like I know them better and I care more about them.

Alas, all I can give in return is a virtual gift and a comment.

Love the logo

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25 Responses Mar 10, 2009

@ tokilover: Hey! thanks for the comment<br />
<br />
@ ageing thinker: it's a great thread; and I always check on you when I am on line

Oh, how come I missed this thread so far? LV - my browser is always stalking you -:)

@ mewold: thanks for the warning, I'll have my sun glasses just in case<br />
<br />
@ Mtvlm: thank you for the warning

Watch out for the peanut butter........he leaves it where you don't expect it.

Watch out for chris914. I have been told that he gives good light.

Ahem, Ahem.

Can't wait to read the story...<br />
<br />
What I do for a living is in my profile... ;-)

@ chris: I am very courageous, I will intrude. Thank you Chris for allowing it.<br />
<br />
@ Duchess: I see, I never read the lengthy ones, and I try to write as short as possible. that's the key to becoming a good stalker.

No worries duchess. ;-) Stalk as much as you like....<br />
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You're never an intruder LV....

Good luck, I feel like an intruder in my own story!

Welcome home, it feels good to stalk friends, specially you.

Ah....I wouldn't call it stalking....But, I guess I do it. Gezzz....I'm a stalker!

She gives the most glorifying advises.

duchess... you can stalk me if you want....

@ Lorraine, you are so interesting that it's always fun stalking you

@ duchess: You make such exciting groups, it's a joy to join them, thank you

@ MissBebe & Flutterbly: I think that should go to EP history. We could teach it in history classes

When I log into EP I always see how my friends are doin' .<br />
And then set about reading their posts.....I'm fortunate to have such a diverse and interesting group.

I am sorry I missed that, that would be something to witness

Yes.. I have many victims. bebe is one of them.<br />
<br />
I traded my shade for mewolds hat one time....

I have seen him, he is a dear friend and he has threatened to take off his shade in public!

Okay... I cannot tell a lie mewold... I stalk everybody... hehe

LordVoldemort, have you ever seen a one-legged fibber? Just look at comment 1.

@ chris, good for you, you are on my list I might start stalking you soon!<br />
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@ Man Cut out: But I'll find you and stalk you, be warned!<br />
<br />
Thank you for your comments

I never stalk anybody....