How Else

Am I going to find the juicy topics?? haha. I have a friend on two that I stalk more than others. Of course I have been slacking on my story writing so there aren't many people stalking me. So here I am ready to give back what I recieve. Though I don't usually find subjects as great as the people that I stalk do. And who knows...maybe I'm stalking you. That feeling you get when you are on ep like someone is watcing you or following you....that could be me. mwa,hahahaha.

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Hahahaha. I'll bet it is dand!



Thats exactly the plan, stan!

Then just dont give up on me and wait for some! :)

UGH!! It took so long to find you. I don't feel like getting a new victim.

Sorry find a new victim! :(

LMAO!!! vini is sooo right!!!!

Come on CS, don't cel yourself short. You're sooo much more! ;-D

I am a stalk!!!

Wohooo i am one of your main victims i know but thankfully at last

I like to hide behind the My comments icon so that as soon as they comment on it I can jump right in.

I like a good stalker too! I have my favourite EP stalker, who I also stalk, but it's nice to know we are not alone.<br />
<br />
Where do you usually hide when you do your stalking? I used to hide behind the person in the EP logo, but it was really uncomfortable keeping my legs bent like that. Now I hide behind the 'Recommend this' button....