A Lesson On The Eleven

The Eleven Above are usurpers. They were the eleven humans who decided to build a Celestial Ladder and climbed into the heavens, stealing the thrones of the original Profound Ones and locking them away. They then tried to deny all others even the smallest connection to the heavens, so that no one could ever gain the same power as them, but they found that this was not possible. So they created The Lie, one part for each of them, to imprison humanity and keep them under control. However, due to the interference of the Profound Ones from their prisons,a few people can still tap into the power of the heavens, when exposed to the right stimulus. The Eleven Above's stratagem of dealing with them is as follows: First, try to convince them to serve the Eleven. If that fails, try to force them to never use their powers. If that fails, kill them.

The Eleven create networks of servants, who they manipulate through dreams and visions. Some undergo a kind of false call, in which one of the Eleven bestows a fraction of their power upon them, which could be revoked at any time. Each network in the service of one of the Eleven has their own strategy to keep humanity under their control.

The First of Eleven is The Unity, The All-Encompassing, The King of Obedience, and the Indivisible. It is the soulless bureaucracy, the need to fit in, the swarm mentality. The Unity has power over the minds of men. The Unity wishes to erase all that is different from it, to make itself the only thinking thing in the universe. Its servants are the Hegemony. They have been given the power of Obligation, which makes others want to obey them. They serve by manufacturing oppressive governmental regimes to ***** autonomy from society.

The Second of Eleven is The General, The All-Conquering, The Queen of Fear, and The Ever-Warring Dryad. It is the thunderstorm that never ceases, the all-consuming wildfire, the struggle between Us and Them. It wishes to plunge the entire world into endless war, so that none will be able to find the peace that allows for introspection. Its servants are the Praetorians, who have been given the power of Fury, which causes the elements to reflect their rage. They serve by encouraging strife at all scales throughout the world.

The Third of Eleven is The Father, The All-Judging, The King of Sacrifice, and The Burning Trinity. He (all others are called both male and female, but The Father is always male) is the divine punishment, the disapproval of the church, the suicide and thrill-kill cult. He has power over how the energies of the Tellurian flow across the Void and into the world, and can make "miracles". He wishes that all should bow down and worship false gods, save those he has chosen to worship him. His servants are the Paternosters, who are given the power of Doctrines, which allow them false powers that reflect the cult or religion that they manipulate. They serve by making false religions and corrupting existing ones to lead people into extreme lifestyles with unthinking obedience.

The Fourth of Eleven is The Eye, The All-Seeing, The Queen of Mirrors, and the Four-Fold Watcher. It is the feeling that you are being watched in an empty room, the security camera that follows you as you walk by, the wiretap on your phone. It has power over distance and relations, and can make all places one. It wishes for all humanity to constantly be under observation, so nothing would be hidden from it. Its servants are the Panopticon, who are granted the power of Visions, which let them see at a great distance and twist space. They serve by eliminating privacy and forcing everyone to fear surveillance.

The Fifth of Eleven is The Chancellor, The All-Possessing, The King of Usury, And The Baron With Five Crowns. It is the culture of haves and have-nots, the thirteen pieces of silver, and the banker who embezzles from his clients's accounts. It has power over physical things and wealth, and wishes to crush spirituality with the consumer culture. Its servants are the Sons of Mammon, who are granted the power of Tithing, which allows them to control the flow of wealth. They serve by pushing societies into a cycle of frenzied oligarchical behavior, encouraging decadence and the division of society.

The Sixth of Eleven is The Psychopomp, The All-Denying, The Queen of Loss, and the Six of Sixes. It is the murderer in the night, the tragic accident, the darkness that swallows the world. It has power over death and the dead, and wishes to fill humanity with fear, so that death becomes a hated enemy to them. Its servants are the Harvesters, who are given the power of Charon, which grants them the power to bring the dead to an abominable half-life, and gain control over those afflicted in such a way. They serve by making humanity fearful of everything, and by convincing them that there is nothing but suffering beyond death.

The Seventh of Eleven is the Nemesis, The All-Opposing, The King of Vice, and the Seven Deadly Sins. It is the base desire, the voice that says "jump" or "pull the trigger" or "no one will catch you", the feeling of self-hatred. It controls the spirits of the world (Ungeists in particular), and wishes to see all mankind enslaved to their basest instincts. Its servants are the Tempters, who are granted the power of Diabolism, which allows them to corrupt tors and cow spirits to their will. They serve by encouraging depravity, mindless self-indulgence, self-hate, and shame in every form.

The Eighth of Eleven is The Prophet, The All-Knowing, The Queen of Time's Passage, and The Eighth Era. It is the rigged election, the deterministic philosophy, the back-room deal that decides the fate of nations. It has power over the past and future, and seeks to turn history into the story of a few "great men" manipulating the blind masses. Its servants are the March of History, who are granted the power of Anachron, which grants them the power to see the past and predict the future. They serve by choosing "great men" and forcing events to conform to that person's ideals.

The Ninth of Eleven is the Raptor, The All-Consuming, The King of the Jungle, and The Nine-Headed Dragon. It is the rabid dog, the cannibal, the Social Darwinist. It has power over living things, and wishes to reduce all forms of interactions to predator-prey relationships. Its servants are the Apex, who are granted the power of Unfettering, which lets them unleash the atavistic, primal instincts in every animal, and to mutate life into monstrous forms. They serve by creating monsters and encouraging predatory behavior in all of its forms.

The Tenth of Eleven is the Ruin, The All-Destroying, The Queen of Tragedy, and The Ten Crumbled Pillars. It is the nihilist, the historian that longs for a "golden age", the collapse of institutions. It has power over the destiny of all living things, and wants mankind to be filled with feelings of doom and failure, so they will never strive for anything. Its servants are the Doomed, who are granted the power of Entrop, which grants them the power to twist coincidence towards stagnation and failure. They serve by causing institutions to fail, and convincing mankind that everything they will ever do will fail and never matter.

The Eleventh is The Gate. It has no grand titles, as even those who serve it, fear it. It is screaming madness and endless suffering. It has some power over the Void, and seeks to destroy the very idea of the supernatural. Its servants have no title, are recruited from the service of the other ten, and are granted the power of Corruption, which twist and taint their powers with the foulness of the Void, and let them summon the Spawn of the Void into the world and banish the same beings from it. They sow doubt and disbelief in the minds of all, and kill anyone who has been called or does not fit in to a "rational" view of the universe.

This is all that is known. Any questions?
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Sounds like some made up rubbish too me if anything id put this into the category of mythology.

it seems I have much to investigate and learn from you as I agree with your assessment.

my ultimate ambition is to restore autonomy to the cosmic whole. Autonomy has been stolen. We are slaves. Many think they are free. They are not.

This "freedom" we have is a decay of the higher ideal of freedom. It's NOTHING compared to what we once had.

I don't fear truth. I want the truth. The unvarnished truth.

Are humans really this ****** up or are we corrupted by the nature of the macrocosm? is our nature really messed up or is it because we occupy a corrupted reality that we behave as differently from the divine plan?

I beseech you to add me as a friend that I might ask.

the research suggest that humans are NEARLY a blank slate, if you give them a corrupted surrounding their natures will become corrupted... this is the truth that I can testify to. I believe our surroundings are DEEPLY corrupted.

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