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A Fragment is an object that has exceptional supernatural qualities, that was not manufactured. An object that has inherent supernatural powers that cannot be removed, in other words. They are more resistant to damage than similar objects that are not Fragments, and, to the gifted eye, look "different". Here are five of these objects, along with their last known physical locations:
"Fool's Luck" florin: this is a florin, date on coin 1351. Notable is that it has rather improbably been forged out of pyrite, as opposed to gold. On the "heads" side, it depicts a king with a grim expression on his face, wearing a fool's cap instead of a crown. On the back are a pair of crossed wands and a flame. An inscription on the back says "Sciocchi e bambini sono l'eletto di Dio". To the gifted eye, the flame on the back appears to be subtly flickering. Whoever possesses the coin on their person will be capable of succeeding in times of adversity (stories are told of a surgeon in the 1830's who was able to both detect and successfully remove a malignant tumor of the throat using a hand ax). Last known physical location: lot # 234 at Sotheby's auction in London last year, sold for $2,670 to a Mr. Martin Ashenclark Montegue, a suspected agent of the Eleven.

The Spectacles: Set of brass-rimmed spectacles, meant for shortsighted eyes, dated to early 1800's France. To the gifted eye, the lenses appear to cause the light to refract into complex geometric patterns. If one taps the lenses while concentrating on a person, place, or thing, an image of the person, place, or thing, along with the immediate environment, will appear when one looks through the lenses, for as long as one concentrates on the image. Clarity of image will be clearer the greater the connection to the target is. Last known physical location: currently on display in the Musée des Lunettes et Lorgnettes de Jadis in Paris.

The Mark of Bloody Flesh: interesting in that it is a tattoo, as opposed to an object. About the size of a silver dollar, it resembles a set of four spiral fractals, arranged to suggest a face without actually having any features that are face-like. To the gifted eye, the pattern rearranges itself each time one looks at it. The tattoo causes anyone who has it on their body to develop a superhuman immune system. It can be "passed" from one person to another through physical contact, if both are willing, and it moves to the closet person upon the current owner's death. Last known physical location: on the back of Jacob "Maneater" Jones, life sentence in the Montana Supermax facility.

Olmec Jaguar Stone: a small stone talisman found in the ruins of an Olmec settlement. Has an image of a "were-jaguar" figure engraved upon it. To the gifted eye, the stone appears to be made, perplexingly, of the petrified skin of a jaguar. When held in the right hand and accompanied with a prayer to the Jaguar God of Olmec society, it alters the eyes of the person uttering the payer to be like the eyes of a jaguar for one hour. Last known location: the personal collection of Hugo Chavez.

The Ring of Dominion: this ring is made of lead, with a large black opal inset. To the gifted eye, the stone burns a bright red, like a fire. When the ring is pointed at someone and the verbal command "kneel" is issued in any language, the victim suffers from a sudden loss of of physical strength and mental fortitude, lasting twenty minutes. Victims generally fall on their knees, although this does not always occur. The victim is noticeably weak and spineless during this period, and generally become fearful of the wearer of the ring for quite some time afterwards. Last known location: in my possession.

Celestial Urn: An urn, with Phoenician characters written around the rim, made of some kind of beige ceramic.  If a handful of human ashes are placed in the urn, along with nine pomegranate seeds, a teaspoon of fermented alcohol, and a drop of your own blood, followed with a statement of what kind of spirit you wish to create, that spirit will appear, ex nihilo, beside the urn.  The spirit will exist until it would perish normally, or until the urn is no longer the possession of the one who made it.  Last known location: in a shipment of antique urns to the Northeastern region of the United States.  I am putting out a BOLO for this one.
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