Even With Family.........=[

 I stand alone. By myself, a little bit apart from the others. I feel disconnected from them, like a child looking through a window at all the toys in the display. I so badly want to "play" with them but have no money to buy in.

 I am a woman alone, one who use to walk down the street & become so bitter & jealous watching a couple strolling by hand in hand. Just an invisible being, getting to see part of a life...... living but only half alive. A zombie in the city streets, always an outsider, never inside it....

 I stand alone, still. The city is far behind me, the past starting to fade. Let still, I stand here, alone, an outsider staring in at all the people & wondering why they can't see me............. Why they never invite me in?

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4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

What makes you stand alone? Sometimes relationships are not what people think. I have been in a marriage 28 years and yet I feel so alone. It is this feeling that brought me to EP.<br />
You are not alone--reach out

I too have felt similarly, but over the years I found that it was just part of my identity and make up. Now I can be very social, but still, I find I would rather be on my own. I tend to play to a different beat, and that is how I like it.

Oh I can soo relate. I could have written what you have just said. I always feel like i'm on the edge of things. <br />
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I see people in the street smiling and I wonder why they're so happy, and why I am not. I stopped going to the park because it made me sad to see happy couples and families with children, family groups. I'm always alone. I so want to be like them, but I have nobody.

Thank you for sharing. I feel similar to this. People don't want to associate themselves with people they don't know/aren't comfortable with. <br />
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I hate to sound discouraging, but it's the truth.....