Love,peace And Pleasure

Peace makes calm in the world
Love brings unconditional happiness
Pleasure gives spirit to do work at every part of world

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3 Responses Dec 1, 2011

The more we live the more we love...I heard that somewhere...I believe in this...and true your living and loving and thats good...confirmation is great when people notice your feelings that your happy...Your only invisible if you choose to be...if others don't notice...move on there are others who will understand you...

thankx for sweet advice

Believe and you will recieve love from people who care...

I agree all humans do want is sad when they give it freely to anyone and have so much love and compassion but then feel invisible to others...:(

All humans want love, peace and pleasure but sadly selfishness and greed make our nobel goals struggle

You are only one who looked this.And you told me that good statement.
thank you for point out