Words And How They Kill

I think words are more then just saying things, they really put an impact on peoples lives, you can make someone sad, happy, or even depressed just by the choice of your words. Kids use words frequently thru out there lives, i should know im only 14, but they use them in a matter of ''hate'' and ''hurt''. Bullying is a good example of words, kids use inappropriate words all the time, even to the point were they cause damage in other kids, but they don't see the consequence in what they say, they think the other kid will just brush it all off, but there's alot to more then just that, you hear stories about your kids or friends being bullied but you think nothing of it, but you have to think about whats going on in there head, in the news you hear about kids who have killed themselves because the have been bullied or have gotten into fights, texting, face to face, over the internet no matter how you say it or were you say it, doesn't matter, it hurts.
Gunneddown Gunneddown
13-15, F
Nov 26, 2011