I'm Doing That With Someone Right Now.

There is this woman in the same coffee house as me. I've seen her here before, and she has some kind of allure that I don't quite know how to articulate. I am stealing so many glances her way that I can't get much writing done. She seems a very confident and able woman, and she spends even longer with her laptop here than I do.  Her clothes are a little bit rock'n'roll, and a lot 'the Gap' advertisement.

Oh, why do I feel so compelled to see her, and all the women like her, who just mind their own business, and don't have the slightest inkling to glance over at me? With each and every case, the woman I am infatuated with at the moment holds all the keys to my happiness, dreams and desires. I'll be damned if I have a clue how to get those keys back from them. I have always been intimidated by the girls that I am attracted to. Seems that that only increased once I got married and got older. 

If things go according to plan, there will never be a time in the rest of my entire life where it would be okay for me to go over and talk/chat/flirt with one of these women.  So, how will I ever get over this affliction?

If you think I'm pathetic, let me know.

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Feb 19, 2010